YouTube Checklist For Real Estate Agents & Brokers

YouTube Checklist For Real Estate Agents & Brokers

Having a YouTube checklist if you are growing your real estate channel is imperative to stay organized and not miss anything that would prevent growth of your YouTube Channel.

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I have broken this checklist into 5 categories:

  1. Framework / Content Creation
  2. Video Shoot
  3. Editing
  4. Posting / Optimizing
  5. Marketing

Framework / Content Creation

Hook – One / two liner to engage viewer
Intro – Who you are and about your channel
Bumper – Video Clip
Content – Main guts of the video
Question – Engage viewer to ask question / comment
Outro – Call of action (Subscribe, Like Vid, Comment, Watch Another Video)

Video Shoot

Take Thumbnail Pics / Preplan Engaging photo
Shoot Video (Tip – Keep Rolling)
Mention Other Videos (Vcard & End Vids)
Creative Engagement / Pattern Interrupts
– Smile
– Use Stories
– Use Humor
– Shoot multiple variations of certain scenes / hooks, etc
– Keep the edit in mind when shooting


Add B Roll (Pics or Video In / On Video)
Punch In / Out (Close Up On Faces / Things)
Add Graphics (Bell, Subscribe, Pics)
Add Sound Effects
Add Music.  Start, stop, talk, start.
Edit Thumbnail Pic

Posting / Optimizing

Upload Video
Upload Thumbnail
Create SEO Tags
Create SEO Title (Or Engaging Title)
Create SEO Description
Hashtags – Anywhere in Meta Decript
Add VCards (Suggested Videos)
Add End-Screen Vids (Suggest 4 with one YouTube Suggest)
Pinned Comment #1 (Suggested Link / Engagement)
Add Location (Advanced Settings) – Address address / area in meta
Add Full Address in Meta
Add playlists (Optimize)


Embed Into Blog(s)
Post Business Page (Facebook)
Post Appropriate Facebook Groups
Post LinkedIn
Post Active Rain
Email (MailChimp) Sphere Of Influence

Here is the FREE PDF download of your YouTube Checklist For Real Estate Agents & Brokers.

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