What is SRES for Realtors?

SRES for Realtors

The SRES is the Seniors Real Estate Specialist designation earned by Realtors who want to develop their knowledge and expertise in working with maturing citizens who are 55 years of age and older.


What Will I Learn About With The SRES designation?

You will be educated on many factors including but not limited to diversity among generations, reverse mortgages, working and interacting with maturing Americans their needs and wants, familiarity with the types of Assisted Living Facilities, Awareness of Specific Needs, How To Market To to 55+ market, concept and needs of Aging At Home and much more!


How Can I Get My SRES Designation?

It is fairly simple… You can click THIS LINK. This will direct you to sign up for the online course.

How Much Does It Cost To Get The SRES designation?

As of this article, it is only $295 which includes the first year of membership which is $99 per year.

It is important to note you must be a Realtor and pay the annual SRES membership fee to maintain your certification.

What Do I Get With SRES Membership?

After obtaining your SRES designation you will have a huge marketing advantage in promoting to maturing adults.

The Seniors Real Estate Specialist designation sets you apart so as long as you market and explain this to prospective buyers and sellers.

Also you will gain access to:

  • SRES database
  • SRES Member Only Section
  • Marketing Materials / Letters
  • Newsletters on tips, tricks and continued education
  • Scripts / dialogue in working with 55+

How Long Is The SRES Course?

Personally I think it took me around 6-7 hours to finish the entire SRES course.

At the end of each section there is a quiz that you must pass in order to proceed to the next section. I believe there is 10 sections in total.

Don’t sweat it, if you do not pass the quizzes… If you do not pass the section quiz, the online course will make you retake it until you pass. I think it is unlimited, but not sure.

Once you finish all sections you will have to take the “final exam.” The SRES final exam allows for 120 minutes to complete. There are 40 total questions and you must pass with an 80%.

Who Should Get Their Seniors Real Estate Specialist Designation?

I personally reside in Florida and we have a lot of “maturing adults.”

So I would say any real estate agent who is assisting at buyers or sellers who fall into this group.

However, I think most real estate agents should get the SRES designation. It doesn’t hurt to get it and it wasn’t too difficult.

Will I Make More Money With The SRES Designation?

I have no idea. Depends on your capability as well as your focus.

If this is not a niche market you are going to target market but it assisted you in two additional sales per year, I am sure the ROI is worth your $100 annual investment.

However, if you were to make this your main target market, you could likely make a ton of money.

How Can I Market Using My SRES Destination?

Actually, in the online course it suggests several times hosting seminars.

I’ve personally held several types of seminars from avoiding foreclosures (short sales) to first time home buyers.

Think about it. Place a small classified ads in your local newspaper. Yes, the newspaper…

Offer FREE breakfast to learn about subjects like Reverse Mortgages, Local ALF’s (Assisted Living Facilities), Trusts or Declutter & Preparing Your Home For Sale.

Much Luck!

I wish you much luck in your endeavor to obtain certain designations and certifications like the Senior Real Estate Specialist.


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