Top 40 Broker Price Opinion Companies (BPO’s)  **Accurate Links**

In this article you will find the top 40 Broker Price Opinion companies real estate agents can use to immediately sign up and start making money.  

This is the most updated and largest list of Broker Price Opinion Companies on the internet!

Why Should Real Estate Agents Do Broker Price Opinions

Performing Broker Price Opinions is a great way for real estate agents to make money in a timely manner.  This can be for new or veteran real estate agents.  

In any case, Broker Price Opinions serve to provide valuations of real estate for traditionally lending and banking institutions. 

Real estate agents can anticipate making $40-$60 on average per BPO completed.  This entails, providing valuation of a specific property as well as traditionally a site visit.  Sometimes the BPO site visit will be either exterior or interior.  

Besides the money you can make from Broker Price Opinions, Real Estate Agents can really hone in on their real estate skills in valuing real estate.  This will be extremely helpful for listing presentations in valuing real estate and also when working with buyers to not overpay for real estate.

What Is The Top 40 Broker Price Opinion List All About

I am a local real estate broker and real estate investor in Southwest Florida.  During the last real estate recession there was a huge demand for BPO’s.  We had to adapt at that time so we concentrated on listing short sales, listing banks REO’s, Property Management and performing BPO’s.

Sometimes the BPO’s led to getting REO listings as well.  Many companies on this list offer both Broker Price Opinion valuations and Distressed Asset allocation as their services to their clients (banks & lending institutions).

I personally have gone through these sites one by one researching and selecting them for this.  Many of which we have been signed up with in the past.  

The Top 40 Broker Price Opinion companies are as follows with a brief description on each.  If you are interested in becoming a BPO Pro, be sure to check out our step by step course HERE.  This course is designed to jumpstart your BPO concentration.  

These top 40 Broker Price Opinion Companies are in no particular order.  And keep in mind if the enclosed links do not work that some BPO companies may have sold, merged or gone out of business.  It’s the nature of the beast.  

I hope this helps and much luck in your endeavor!  Oh!  By the way!  Don’t forget to follow me on YouTube where we have weekly videos on real estate, business and personal finance!  BPO Video Below on how to make $100 a day doing Broker Price Opinions.  

Top 40 Broker Price Opinion Companies

  1.  Altisource (Now Springhouse BPO) – This Broker Price Opinion company has completed over 4 million valuations over the last 9 years.  
  2. Clear Capital BPO – Clear Capital has over 750,000 managed BPO valuations per month!
  3. BPO Direct.  This is Freddie Mac’s Broker Price Division.  If you can get in with Freddie Mac performing BPO assignments, you are likely going to have your schedule filled.
  4. XOME BPO Valuations.  If you know who Mr. Cooper the servicer is, then you likely know XOME.  Many Short Sales are taking place using XOME to auction properties.  They also provide opportunities for real estate agents to do Broker Price Opinions.  
  5. LRES Broker Price Opinions.  LRES handles Appraisal valuations, BPO’s and hybrids to come up with real estate valuations.  They also handle REO asset management which is also a great way to List REO Foreclosures!
  6. Equator BPO.  If you have ever taken a short sale listing, you likely used the Equator portal.  Equator offers BPO valuation services as well.  
  7. ASG BPO Valuation Companies.  ASG offers multiple due diligence services including appraisal, BPO and AVM methodology.  
  8. AssetVal BPO.  This is a smaller company who services property valuations and BPO’s.
  9. CoreLogic.  This company prides itself on using localized data.  This is where local real estate agents come into play providing local MLS data for broker price opinions.
  10. Equity Pointe.  Valuation service provider as well as providing REO services. 
  11. BPO Fulfillment.   Also know as Mainstreet Valuations.  And they are converting to another platform called Red Bell Platform.
  12. Goodman Dean BPO Services.  They handle both REO Asset Management and Valuation Services.  
  13. Financial Asset Services.  They provide both REO and Valuation services.
  14. First Preston.  Broker Price Opinion company out of TX that also handles REO management.
  15. Five Brothers Asset Management Solutions.  They handle property preservation, inspections, property valuations, reo management and more.
  16. Computershare.  SLS Specialized Loan Servicing and Specialized Asset Management were both acquired by Computershare in 2009.
  17. RES.   Provider of both REO Asset management and Broker Price Opinions for real estate agents.
  18. PCV Murcor.  Nationwide Real Estate Valuations.  Handle both residential and commercial real estate broker price opinions.
  19. Clear Capital.  Appraisals, BPO’s and underwriting services.  
  20. Single Source.  Valuations, REO, Field Services, Title and documentary services.
  21. NAMG.  Foreclosure, bankruptcy, broker price opinions, loss mitigation, post foreclosure and short sale processing.
  22. NVMS Inc.  They handle inspection, property preservation, broker price opinions, valuations, insurance, asset management and more.
  23. Pro Teck Valuation Intelligence.  Field appraisals, desktop appraisals, BPO’s, Evaluations and inspections.
  24. Residential Real Estate Review.  Provide comprehensive valuation and broker price opinion services.
  25. Network Mortgage Servicing.  Network Mortgage Servicing is a national company specializing in management assistance of lender-owned and non-performing assets, loan sales and portfolio management.
  26. NewRep.  NewRep is the premiere information solution for mortgage field services, Real Estate agencies, and related services to connect with companies providing property inspection and preservation services, broker price opinions, as well as general contractor services in their local areas.
  27. Quandis.  The Quandis system provides a portal to allow Brokers and Appraisers to accept orders and complete valuation products online.
  28. Reliance Field Services.  Reliance Field Services supports loss mitigation efforts through Field Calls, Collateral Inspections, Property Inspections & Preservation, REO Management, Appraisals/Broker Price Opinions, and REO Disposition.
  29. REM Corporation.  Appraisal and agent Broker Price Opinion services.
  30. REO America.  BPO, Valuation and REO asset management services.  
  31. REO Network.  BPO and REO services.  Network for real estate agents and brokers to get BPO assignments and list REO foreclosures.  
  32. TREO BPO Services.  REO asset management, BPO / Valuations, Property Management, Short Sales and they also got into lending real estate as well.
  33. Security National Broker Price Opinions.  Assigned BPO services.
  34. Sand Castle Field Services.  Offering Broker Price Opinions and Automated Valuation Model 
  35. USA Valuation Services.  Broker Price Opinions, portfolio orders, inspection reports, commercial real estate valuations, appraisal and property preservation services.  
  36. USRES.  REO Management, valuation and Default software services.  
  37. Service Link.  Loan mod, foreclosure, REO, auction and property preservation.
  38. Single Source.  Valuation, REO, BPO, Field services, title and document management.  
  39. OPTEON.  They acquired Valucentric for appraisal and broker price opinion services.  
  40. Valuation Solutions.  Hiring real estate agents to perform broker price opinions.  

What Else Should You Look For With The 40 Broker Price Opinion List Of Companies

This top 40 broker price opinion list has the direct links to each valuation company.  

Real estate agents must take your time and apply with all of them.  Yes it is tedious but the BPO assignments will come in.  You will also see that many of these Broker Price Opinion companies offer others services.  

Be sure to offer other services to them as well like listing REO Foreclosures!
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