The $295M Florida Compound: America’s Priciest Residential Listing

In the picturesque city of Naples, Florida, a sprawling waterfront compound has recently emerged as the most expensive home for sale in America. The compound is boasting a jaw-dropping asking price of $295 million. If this lavish estate comes close to securing this astronomical figure, it is poised to break records. This would be the highest-priced residential sale ever witnessed in the United States. This potential milestone would overshadow the previous record set by hedge fund billionaire Ken Griffin in 2019. Ken acquired a combination penthouse at 220 Central Park South in Manhattan for approximately $240 million.

The Gem of Port Royal: A Tropical Retreat at $295M

Situated at the far edge of a peninsula in the esteemed Port Royal neighborhood, this new residential record contender is not just about the price tag; it comes with a colorful backstory that adds a unique charm to its allure. The Wall Street Journal first reported the grandeur of this property, describing it as a tropical retreat with a fascinating history.

The Visionary Behind Gordon Pointe

The visionary behind this opulent property was financier John Donahue. Legend has it that he spotted the then-undeveloped stretch of land, known as Gordon Pointe, while flying over it. The story goes that he turned to his wife, Rhodora Donahue, and declared, “I want to go there.” In 1985, he turned this dream into reality by purchasing the 4.3-acre lot for a mere $1 million.

The $295M Florida Compound: America's Priciest Residential Listing

America’s Priciest Residential Listing; Fishing Cottage to 60-Acre Haven

John Donahue embarked on a transformative journey, converting the mangrove-surrounded fishing cottage into a sprawling 60-acre haven. The pièce de résistance, now listed for sale, encompasses 9 acres with 1,650 feet of waterfront, three houses, and a private yacht basin featuring a T-shaped dock.

Grand Residences: A Closer Look

The homes on this expansive property are nothing short of grandeur. The first residence, erected around 11,500 square feet, boasts six bedrooms and a screened-in pool. A second residence, constructed in 1990, spans approximately 5,500 square feet, featuring five bedrooms and an outdoor pool. In 2013, a new structure emerged, adding 5,800 square feet to the compound’s opulence.

A Legacy Continues

John and Rhodora Donahue, high school sweethearts married for an impressive 70 years, passed away in 2017 and 2022, respectively. Their 13 children, all serving on the family office’s board, collectively feel that it’s time to “move on” from the grand retreat. Despite being a family haven, this property also holds the distinction of hosting prominent figures, including President George H.W. Bush and Barbara Bush.

The $295M Florida Compound: America's Priciest Residential Listing
The $295M Florida Compound: America's Priciest Residential Listing

Changing Times: From Naples to Pennsylvania

As times evolved, so did the dynamics of the Donahue family. The estate, once a backdrop to family gatherings, saw a shift. The 84 grandchildren and 175 great-grandchildren of the Donahue clan began hosting reunions on a sprawling 500-acre Pennsylvania farm. This change reflected the family’s proximity to the headquarters of John’s investment-management firm, Federated Investors, based in Pittsburgh.

Bringing the Estate to Market

The responsibility of bringing this illustrious property to market falls on the shoulders of Coldwell Banker Realty’s Dawn McKenna Group, in collaboration with the Leighton Candler Team of Corcoran and Savills’ Rory McMullen. Rumors of the sale have circulated since 2017, and industry experts suggest that the sky-high asking price is justified, considering the compound’s size, prime location, and the inherent difficulty in acquiring such extensive Florida real estate in today’s market.

$295M Florida Compound

As this $295 million Florida compound takes center stage in the real estate market, it not only represents opulence but also encapsulates a rich history and a family legacy. Whether it secures its record-breaking asking price or not, the journey of the Donahue estate from an aerial vision to an iconic residential listing is undeniably captivating.

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