5 Reasons To Be A Stay At Home Mom Realtor

5 Reasons To Be A Stay At Home Mom Realtor

Let’s face it. Staying at home with the children and raising them is NO easy task!  It can be redundant and tedious, right?  So why not be a stay at home mom Realtor?

Below you will find 5 main reasons why getting your real estate license as a stay at home mom can be extremely beneficial for you and your family!

Make Extra Money As A Stay At Home Mom Realtor

Sounds like a no brainer right? Just take a few minutes right now to figure out really how many people you know (or know you for that matter). This is called your Sphere Of Influence.

These are the people who will push business to you, if you are marketing yourself as the stay at home mom Realtor.

What if you were able to help one friend every other month at an average sales price of $250,000? At a 3% commission that would equate to gross commission of $7,500. If you did this every other month you would have $45,000 a year.  Or once a month $90,000.  

This could be the funds for an investment property, new car, several vacations or the future for your children’s education.

Your Future As A Realtor

Stay at home moms do not stay at home forever.  Meaning your kids get older and may no longer need you at home.

So you have been priming yourself over the last several years as a stay at home mom Realtor, selling a handful of homes each year.  Now is your time to shine!  Your last kid went off to middle school and you decide to make real estate a full time career!

Now the $45k you were making each year suddenly turned into $200k a year.  


Now… Please don’t hate on me but I have to be honest right now. It is estimated that approximately 50% of all marriages end up in a divorce.  This statistic does not include legal separations.

I’m just saying, there are many stay at home moms who thoughtfully and wholeheartedly put their families before themselves. And I have a lot of respect for that.

However, a stay at home mom doing real estate part time and learning the ropes can easily be done during downtime.  PPS – Getting your real estate license isn’t that difficult!

So take control of your own personal foundation and become a stay at home mom Realtor!

Develop New Skills As A Real Estate Agent

If you are a stay at home mom and contemplating getting your real estate license, then go for it!

The world of real estate is incredible.  I have been in the business for now over 18 years and I still learn new things daily.

I believe that human beings need to have a basis for continued learning and growth, despite how old they are or what life’s position they are in.

As a stay at home mom Realtor you will learn negotiations, marketing, networking, contracts, customer service and much more!!  Just follow my YouTube channel SteveInvests if you are even considering what I am writing about!  You will get a ton of FREE content and begin your journey as a Stay At Home Mom Realtor

Your Accomplishments

Just think about how gratifying it will be when you help your daughter’s friend’s mother, who you see at soccer practice twice a week, and help her buy her dream home.

Or your neighbor down the street who need to sell and relocate back up north. There is no shortage of people who could use your help.

Or that big check that you wave in front of your kids and husband?!  

To Conclude

I have so much respect for the stay at home moms out there!  You have huge responsibilities each and every day. But I know you can handle more which could be a rewarded part time position in real estate as a stay at home mom Realtor.  

This site is dedicated to educating new and veteran real estate agents. Learn from my stories and mistakes!

Good luck!



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