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What Is A Short Sale

A short sale is when a lender(s) agrees to accept less than what is owed so that a seller can sell their home at fair market value.  

Why Would A Bank Agree To A Short Sale

A lender would agree to work with borrower in default and their agent because it will ultimately save the bank more money than a foreclosure (approx. 15%) and reduce their liability.

Are Short Sales Easy To List And Sell

No.  Not really.  But with the right systems and team in place, they can become very streamline.  This is also another main reason to concentrate on listing short sales.  Most agents do not want to mess with them!  We actually go into detail on how to market to real estate agents as well to procure more listings!  

Why Would A Real Estate Agent Need An Education On This

There are many reasons why real estate agents should concentrate on short sales.  

  • It is recession proof.  Actually when the real estate market flattens out, shifts or crashes, the skill set in this course can make you hundreds of thousands of dollars.  
  • Short sales happen all the time even in strong markets.  Peoples circumstances change all the time like death, divorce, relocation, job loss, reduction in pay, medical issues, etc.
  • If done properly, short sale clients become a HUGE referral source for you for years to come!  

Short Sale Mastery Course 

short sale masteryIn any real estate market, delinquencies occur due to relocation, job loss, death, divorces, market shifts, split partnerships and many other factors.

This course is designed to educate you on Short Sales, the Short Sale Process, Getting Listings and showing you step by step ways to make this an incredibly profitable niche real estate target market, all while helping people in one of the hardest times in their lives.  

Click HERE to sign up for our Online Video Mastery Class with Lifetime Access.  

list short sales

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