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Senior Real Estate Specialist – Selling Maturing Adult Homes

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When selling a property, mature adults may experience a number of obstacles that make it difficult to get rid of unnecessary belongings and transition to a different housing  option or arrangement.

Bottom line… These 55+ individuals fear making a wrong decision that cannot be reversed.  

Think about it.  They packed up and or sell everything they have including personal possessions, furniture and even sentimental items.  They move into some kind of living facility and a few months into it, figure this just wasn’t what they expected.

Now they have limited options to go to…

Or…  They move from their community / town that is close to family and friends.  Now they are in a place where they are an hour drive from everyone and are forced to make new friends.

As a real estate professional, we have to be delicate in dealing with the maturing 55+ seller and their emotions during this time.  

Quick Story

A few months ago we met with someone who was exactly in this predicament. They were contemplating on selling.

They already had the assisted living facility picked out. However, had concerns of the move.

We told them maybe its best that they keep their condo for now. They could afford both places so money wasn’t an issue.

Sure enough only a couple months later, they left the ALF and moved back into their condo.

Realtors and SRES specialists must be the professionals who consult to figure out the best options for the clients regardless if their commissions are jeopardized.