Recruit Real Estate Agents with ONE Video AD! 11 Steps.

Recruit Real Estate Agents with ONE Video AD! 11 Steps.


Below you will find exact details on how to get this Video AD for FREE and begin effectively recruiting real estate agents to your firm!


I’ve been there!  Craigslist, seminars, emails, hard mail, networking events and cold calling to try and get agents to come in and speak with you.  I get it and had to figure a better way.


A way where agents were coming to us…  


Cold Calling To Recruit Realtors

I don’t know about you but I think cold calling sucks.  However, tt is effective as I have done it for years.

When I was aggressively selling, I was cold calling around 2 hours every morning for FSBO’s and Expireds.  When we started to recruit, I figured we would implement the same strategy.

It worked, but boy it sucked.  It was draining and tiresome. Why was I cold calling someone who had no interest at all in leaving their real estate firm?  Something just didn’t feel right about it.

So we had to come up with more creative ways to market creatively in order to spark interest and ultimately engagement from them.  

** Need phone numbers? FSBO’s, Expired Listings, For Rent By Owners, Pre-Foreclosure (Short Sales), Geo Areas – The link below will waive their $149 sign on fee!!  Explode your business right now!

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Using Facebook To Recruit Realtors


Recruit RealtorsI’ve always seen Facebook as a distraction and a waste of time.  People going along with their lives day in and day out with their faces glued to Social Media.


However, I realized over time that this distraction isn’t a bad thing if you are trying to build your real estate business or recruit real estate agents.  


If you are a marketer and not necessarily the consumer, you can benefit greatly.  


So Let’s Dive In


Below you will have FREE access to one of the ads that we use.  I am sure when you are on Facebook you see paid (sponsored) ads all the time, correct?


As you go through this process, I encourage you to stop, absorb those ads and click on them.  Build ideas on creating more and test them. The only thing that will limit you is YOU.


** Quick Tip – When I see a good ad, I always take a screenshot on my phone.  I will email these to myself and print them in color. I will use parts of different headlines, picture types, and content.  


Create The Ad With Your Info


Well, your first AD to start with is essentially done for you!  All you are going to need to do is plug your information in. The most difficult part will be to create a simple video like the one we did.  


Video content is extremely powerful.  I didn’t care for it. But I can tell you the engagement is much greater.  


If you are extremely camera shy, then maybe you can get someone else to do it for you.  You can use FIVERR and get a cheap video done.  We have used them in the past.  




** Just a quick side note!  This is a fantastic site to hire independent contractors at cheap prices.  We have hired them for videos, website content writing, graphic designs, voice recordings for 800#’s, email content for drip campaigns and much more!


My advice is to set up an account.  CLICK HERE to do it.  It doesn’t cost you any money to sign up.  What I like to do is test people out. The fees are so cheap that you can have a handful of people create the same project and pick your best.   


The Ad


Page 1 – As you will see you are offering them a FREE e-Book on the first Op In Page on essentially how to make $300,000 a year.  Giving something FREE is very important as the psyche of FREE is hard to resist.


Once they Opt-In you will have their email address.  And as being the savvy Broker that you are, if they do not proceed to Step 2, you can likely find out who they are based on their email.  


Page 2 – This is the “upsell.”  It has a short video on a FREE Business Planning.  This is where we can collect their cell phone and name to reach out and set a time to meet.  


Again, we are providing value.  DO NOT run this ad if you are not going to give this value in Step 1 or 2.  No bait and switch. This is only for those who are in this to help others and recruit real estate agents successfully.  


Page 3 – Confirmation on signing up and notifying we will be in touch within 24 hours.  


It is as simple as that!  The main goal is to help them.  When you give, you get.


The Opportunity


This is your time to take full advantage of the opportunity when you meet for the first time.  


  • You will have the opportunity to be face to face.  You will really be able to get a good idea about them, their style, presentation, dress, manners, etc.  They may not be a good fit for your firm, so face to face is the first step to offer a position or not.


  • You will (should) build rapport.  I would take at least the first 15 minutes to get to know them as a person.  Get to know their family. Where they are from. Etc.


  • You will find out a lot about their business.  You MUST be the one asking the questions and digging deep.  This is the only way to truly help someone! Who knows. They may just be a dud.  If they have been in the business for 12 months and have minimal sales, then it may be them.  And… No broker alive will likely be able to help them. You know who these people are…
  • If they found value in what you provided, they will likely be inclined to find out what else you offer at the brokerage.  Possible closing time? Simple transition: “Bill, it really seems based on this plan, we could really help you take your business to the next level.  Have you considered ever switching brokerages?”realtor recruitment ad click funnels


  • **Tip – Prior to meeting assuming you have some days in between the call and the meeting, consider mailing something to their home.  We usually would do a nice handwritten card and two branded Koozies. It’s just a nice touch to set the stage.




How To Market


One way to get the engagement happening quick is you are going to use Facebook Ads Manager, so be sure to set an account.  It is very easy.


And don’t let this overwhelm you.  If you have trouble with it, maybe there is a local company who can assist.  But check out the instructions and screenshots below.


This should help you step by step in creating this.  YouTube Facebook Ad Tutorial and you will get plenty of help as well.  


Why Facebook?


I guess you can say Facebook probably has more information on people than our creator!  Your target market is going to be fairly easy to narrow down as we are searching for local people in your market who are Realtors.  

So follow me.  Click Pictures for Full Size.  


Step One:  Click “Create New Campaign”


Step Two:  Click Under Consideration “Traffic”recruit realtors with one ad


Step Three:  At the bottom, name the campaign and hit Continue.


Step Four:  Give Ad Set Name


Step Five:  Traffic – Leave “Website”


Step Six:  Go To Location and Put In Your City or Area of Concentration.  **You can add multiple cities.


Step Seven:  Download Facebook Audience Insights (This will give us incredible value to search around for our target market).    


Step seven is where the magic happens.  On the insights page on the left side, I plugged:Real Estate Agent Recruitment Ad


  • Location – Bonita Springs, Fl + surrounding cities.  
  • Under Advance – Job Titles, I put in Realtor.


I am showing:


  • 53% women / 47% Men.  
  • Age 55+ is a big target market in SW FL.
  • Education 67% are college grads
  • 60% are married


So this is one effective way to play around and dial into your narrow market.  The last thing you want to do is be too general. You will waste money this way.  


Why show your ad in front of an 18-year-old mechanic with no real estate license?  Starting to make sense of how powerful this platform is?


Let’s say in your market, 80% are female from agents 30-60.  Then I would plug that in and remove men and under 30 and over 60.  If this is too narrow then you will have to adjust as needed.


Step Eight:  On Ads manager go to Detailed Targeting – Type “Realtor” and to the left make sure it says “Job Title” and not Interest or anything else.  


Step Nine:  Set your budget and hit continue.  I usually do $10-20 per day and analyze after $60 has been invested.  


Step Ten:  Figure your format.  Do you want to use a Single Photo, Video, Scrolling Photos?  As mentioned, videos always do better. Look at the ad as if you were an agent looking to grow their business.  


Step Eleven:  Add your main headline, sub-headlines and referring URL which will be your click funnel ad link.


And there you go.  It is imperative to test these ads out.  Change the demographics and interests if need be.  Change headlines and videos. Test them on yourself to ensure the links / lead capture go to the right places.  


You likely are not going to hit a home run on the first time.  So play around and monitor results!


I wish you much luck on your endeavor!!  Don’t get frustrated. Ask others for help if need be.  Create other click funnel ads that may entice a Realtor to come in and speak with you.  

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