Realtors Should Invest In What They Sell

Did you know Steve & Joleigh from buys land throughout the state of Florida?

They go their initial experience as real estate agents and Brokers in the early 2000’s. Since then, they have moved out of retails sales for home sellers and buyers and more into the investor space.

Having a strong team of land buyers with cash can be instrumental in getting sellers the money they need to move on with their lives.

Sell My Land Fast Florida was designed to get cash offers with extremely quick closings. If you are a real estate agent interested in moving into the investor space, vacant land is an awesome entry. No need for fixing up homes, tenants and in many cases, no need to even look at the property (even though we recommend someone walking it depending on certain locations).

Realtor Investor Hat

We believe every real estate agent should be investing into what they are selling: Real Estate.

Why? Does it make sense to hire a financial advisor who doesn’t invest in what they are selling to you? Worse yet, would you buy invest with them if they are broke? I would’t want to be the agent who is broke stressed scraping by to get their next commission check… You know?

Think about how much more credibility you have when you talk to other investors of real estate? I don’t know about you, but I would want someone who actually “does the thing” like land investing.

My advice… Buy off-market. Start small. Partner up. You don’t know where to start? There are a ton of communities on social media. Get out there and start talking to other like minded investors. If you find the right deals, investors will surface…

How To Transition From Realtor to Investor

1 – Figure out what type of investment you want to specialize in for yourself and other investors.

2 – Learn everything you can about that asset including studying the listings on the open market and visiting them, talking to the listing agents, asking about the property and motivation.

3 – Find off market properties. You can do this by SEO, PPC, Mail, Bandit Signs, Cold Calling, Driving for Dollars. No shortage of ways. Just have to study how and then implement.

4 – Make offers, partner up, assign contracts, wholetail contracts, flip, buy / hold.

Realtor Investor & Financial Freedom

I have made a few financial mistakes that set me back. I learned and went right back at it to invest in what I know: Real Estate. We not only buy land in Florida buy we buy all types of real estate from luxury homes, mobile homes, hurricane homes, mold homes, etc. Anything that makes sense, we make offers on.

In doing so, we have been able to create wealth and financial freedom through cash flow. One day, you are not going to want to be a Realtor. And one day you will have to figure a path toward retirement as an independent contractor.

I leave you with this… Some of the best in the business to follow on Social Media: Pace Morby, Jerry Norton, Real Estate Disruptors and RJ Bates.

Much luck out there! – Steve

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