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Must Have Real Estate Scripts

In any sales role it is imperative to have your real estate scripts, dialogue and objection handlers internalized.  It is just as important to practice your real estate scripts on a daily basis to stay fresh and confident.

Below you will find some creative real estate scripts I have used in my real estate career.  Some you will find comparable to certain real estate coaches and others kind that are more creative.

Great Real Estate Agents Use Scripts

You may have a sales background and are really good in speaking with people.  And you may be currently getting sales. However, what if you practiced a little more on your real estate scripts?  Would your sales increase? What if you increased one sale a month, what would that do to your bottom line?  

In an interview with Justin Thomas, Justin asked Tiger Woods about his daily routine when he was at his peak.  His response: “Well, I used to get up in the morning, run four miles. Then I’d go to the gym, do my lifts. Then I’d hit balls for two to three hours, I’d go play, come back, work on my short game. I’d go run another four more miles, and then if anyone wanted to play basketball or tennis, I would go play basketball or tennis.”

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Importance Of Real Estate Scripts  

Great sales people have Great Presentations, Rehearsed Scripts, Objections Handled and Closing Techniques Unmatched.  How? Because they practice. Why? Because they have a strong desire to succeed.

Every person you are in front of is a sales opportunity.   

The Real Estate Close.  ABC Real Estate Script

real estate sales scriptsAlways Be Closing.  ABC. Not in a slimy, screw people over way.  In a way where you are truly listening and providing options based on their needs.  The closing is the most important part of the sales process. You can provide an A++ presentation but without a strong close you walk away with nothing.  

People NEED to be closed.  People WANT to be closed. Let’s say you go into a car dealership and you find a BMW that you drove and are interesting in buying but you don’t express that interest.  And the sales representative doesn’t ask you any questions, you may walk out of there still driving your 1982 Honda. 

However, if the salesperson asks questions like:  How did it drive? Did you like the overall feel of it?  What do you think of the interior? How do you like the body shape?  Did you think it had enough power for you?

And you answered favorable to all of these questions, then a good next logical question would be:  “Do you have interest in taking this incredible car home today if we can get you the right deal?”

For without the closing question, you may have just gone home and thought about it and never performed.  Ask questions and if the response is favorable then ask a closing question.

Practicing your real estate scripts will help you close more deals.

Closing Real Estate Scripts

Buyer Showing:

What do you think about the layout?  

Can you see yourself living here and in this neighborhood with all of the incredible amenities?   

The are asking $550,000 what are your thoughts on price?

Based on what we have seen this appears to be the most appealing home for you, would you like to go back to the office and crunch numbers / make offer?

Listing Appointment:  

What is the most important thing you want from a real estate broker?  

Do you feel I can sell your home?

Based on my marketing plan, do you feel I am the most aggressive agent you interviewed?  

Is there anything stopping you from signing with me tonight?

Have I addressed all of your questions and concerns? Great! All we need to do is sign off on this contract and I will get my team on it tonight, how does that sound?

Buyer Call:  

Thank you for reaching out on my listing on Hickory Blvd.  Based on what you are telling me, this doesn’t seem to be in your price range.  However,  I have something in mind that will likely interest you.  Do you have availability today at 5 or tomorrow at 2.

Seller Call:  

I am not looking for a commitment right now.  

I simply would like to come by and show you my unique marketing approach that sells homes fast.  How fast do you want to sell?


Great! My last appointment in your area is at 4pm and I can be there by 6.  Before I come out, can I get you to simply be open minded on my unique approach?


Great, I will see you at 6pm!         

Door Knock Open House:  

Introduce yourself.  

I am holding a house open on Holly Street and wanted to see if you can attend as I will be providing some valuable information on your area that you do not want to miss out on.  

Can I anticipate you to swing by for a cocktail and snacks?

Great! I really look forward to seeing you. It is at 4pm for about 2 hours.

Door Knock Just Listed:   

Introduce yourself. 

just listed your neighbors home on Holly St.  Do you know the Smiths?

No –

That’s ok. Really good people and I think they will be missed.  Can I set a time with you and your family for a private tour?


Well, I was really interested in getting your personal opinion on condition and price.  It would really help me out. Do you think we can make an arrangement for tomorrow at 4pm?

Distressed Property / Short Sale:   

Introduce yourself.  

Are you the owner of this home? (Yes). Well the reason why I’ve stopped over today is your property has a Lis Pendens recorded on it. Are you aware of this?


Do you know what a short sale is?

(Somewhat but we don’t care! We are gonna give it back to the bank when they knock on our door!!).

Oh boy. I feel a little scared for you can i explain why?


Well when a foreclosure is completed after so many attempts to take possession of the property they will show up at your door with the local authorities and you will be forced to move out. You don’t want that do you?

(I guess not).

Well here is your chance to transact similar to a transitional sale. Know when you will close on the property. Not have a foreclosure on your record. And a good possibility of a waiver of a deficiency judgment. If you get foreclosed on, odds are the bank will come after every dime that you owed them including attorney fees. This means they could potentially garnish wages and or lien of assets owned now and in the future. You would want to avoid that at all costs right?


Well here’s what I’d like to do. I’d like to come back later today when your husband is home so we can talk in detail about all of this and answer any questions you may have. This will not cost you anything either. Does 6 or would 6:30 be better?


Fantastic! Here is a brochure with some details on what we will discuss with all of my contact info.

(Thank you).

You’re welcome. Also what is a good phone number for you in case I need to reach back out? (123-456-7890). Great! I look forward to seeing you guys later.

Landlord Call:  

Introduce yourself. 

see you have your investment property on the market for lease.  Any action?

Well I have a strong record on leasing homes in 2 weeks or less with quality tenants.  

If I don’t lease in 2 weeks, my fee goes down.

Is this something that interests you? Also just so I am prepared for our meeting, are you in the market for any other good investments with a 10% cap rate or higher?

Real Estate Scripts (Ice Breakers!)

Just think about today or yesterday or over the weekend when you were out and about.  

How many strangers were in your immediate area that you could have struck up a conversation and use some of these real estate scripts below.  

Investment Pitch:  Hi my name is Steve.  I am a real estate broker and help people invest their money in income producing real estate.  Is this something you have ever thought about doing?

General:  Hey – It is my daily goal to give out 20 business cards and I am on number 19.  Would you mind if I gave you number 20? (They usually say ok and then ask what do you do.  Then engage).

Sell Homes:  Hello…  (Smile) I sell homes.  What do you do? Acknowledge, Ask questions, Introduce Yourself.

Business To Business:  Intro.  I wanted to see if you would be open to some free marketing?  

(Sure) Great! I’d like to refer people to your store and also put you on our website with your own business page where we have 5000 people coming a month.  Are you interested?

(Yes) Great! All I ask in return is to leave this small stand with brochure and cards in your establishment and when someone you know is interested in real estate services, you send them my way.  How does that sound?

How To Practice Real Estate Scripts

The real estate scripts above are very simple and to the point.  However, they are much easier when you master them. You will be much more confident thus resulting into more prospects and more closings.

So practice your real estate scripts every morning for 15 minutes on your target market.  Check out the 52 Niche Markets and begin to put your real estate sales scripts together.  Master them.

You can say them out loud in front of a mirror or get an accountability partner who you can call or meet in the office.  Significant other, children, siblings, roommates or a dog will work as well. 

Get all the embarrassment out of your system.  Real estate scripts feel weird and uncomfortable in the beginning and they get much easier once you internalize them, adapt your voice and personality.  

Personal Story

real estate sales scriptsMy sister and I attended a Mike Ferry Event (This pic was from a Tony Robbins event in Dallas). 

Anyway, we were super pumped up and signed up for their coaching program.

We got back, signed up for the lead sources, put the real estate scripts on the walls and we were in business.

So we thought!  We were both terrified to get on the phones.  I felt like I was going to vomit every morning trying to call For Sale By Owners, Expireds and door knocking Just Listed / Just Sold.  I hated it initially…

How I Overcame It

I developed my own twist.  I didn’t use the traditional MFO real estate scripts.  I used scripts I created that were more relaxed and even a little humorous. I didn’t take it too serious when people were insane toward me (PS – A Great Read that will calm the nerves BIG TIME!  The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck 

Add humor when you can.  Be sure it doesn’t offend.  I made that mistake a few times.  When you throw some humor in you will make them feel more relaxed as well.  

Try not to take life too serious.  I know easier said than done. The book above will put it into perspective for you.  I think people put so much stress and pressure on themselves that is will actually have an adverse effect on your sales.  Just try to relax.

Simple technique for this that works is take 7 slow deep breathes in stomach (not chest) while thinking about something you have so much fun doing.  I know, sound strange but it works. Doesn’t hurt to try. Try it right now. How do you feel? Try this even before you role play and definitely before you are about to engage using your real estate scripts.

Much luck and success out there!

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