Real Estate License Online – 12 Tips to Pass Your First Time

Real Estate License Online – 12 Tips to Pass Your First Time

If you are considering on getting your real estate license online then you will want to review the main tips below on how to pass the real estate exam on your first time around all while being very efficient with your time.  

#1 – Choose The Right Online Real Estate School

Not all real estate schools are created equal, especially when it comes down to their internal systems.

You will want a real estate online school that has an easy user interface.  Anything complicated will defeat the purpose of convenience and practicality.

We consistently use Real Estate Express as one of our main online real estate schools due to the content, simplicity, and price.  

So be sure to do your research.  Ask around. Read reviews.

#2 – Be Realistic

Take into consideration all of your responsibilities in life.  Consider writing down all of your obligations and input them in a large handwritten calendar so you can see how your online real estate schooling will fit in.  

Maybe right now or next month isn’t even the right time?

Being realistic on how much time to devote to getting your online real estate license will be beneficial in your success.  If you are falling short you may get discouraged. So be realistic in order to achieve your course goals.

When I went for my real estate license in 2002, I had a full time job and was going to college full time.  It was kind over overwhelming to say the least, but I set my realistic expectations from the beginning.

#3 – Review All Class Instructions / Requirements

Many online real estate schools have different requirements and instructions to follow.  So it is best to ensure you carefully read and review all of their terms prior to starting the first course.  

If they have instructional videos, check them out as well.  This information provided by your school of choice is geared to their curriculum.  So take advantage of this “inside info.”

#4 – Reliable Internet

This may sound very obvious, but everyone has experienced poor internet connection at one time or another.

If your internet connection is spotty or prone to disconnection than it is advisable to only boot up your online real estate course when you know you have a strong connection.

Otherwise, you are going to just get frustrated and this will delay progress.  Consider using a local library for free for all of your online class hours.

#5 – Have A Dedicated Space

If you were taking your real estate courses in the classroom, there is limited distraction for the students.  You are there for a reason and there is no real wasted time.

This should be no different.  Choose a space / place that you can give your undivided attention to the subject matter.  

Let’s say you are going through your online course and your children come in the home office to ask you a question.  Then the UPS guy rings the doorbell. Then your husband stops in to ask about your day.

You get the point…  Every distraction will hinder your learning process and ultimately extend the process out.  

Local library’s are free and they usually provided dedicated quiet spaces for study, reading and online schooling.  

#6 – Prepare To Prepare

This can go hand in hand with time management.  But be sure to prepare your work space as well as your mindset.   

Be sure to have water or what ever refreshments and snacks needed to power through.  Keep a notepad, index cards, pens ready to go.

Show up mentally prepared to get educated.  Try to eliminate all mental distractions that you have going on in your life.  I know it is easier said than done.

The argument you had with a friend.  The boss who is a prick. The guy that cut you off at the traffic light.  Let it all go. This is your time to devote to you.

When your mind wanders you will not retain as much information.  

#7 – Time Management

The more sporadic you are with your time the harder it will be for you.  And the longer this will extend out.

So, create a schedule that is realistic for you for completion and do not veer from it.  

If you work full time, have a family and can only dedicate two hours each night, then put it in your schedule.  Stick to it. Let your family know of these hours of schooling and demand there to be limited distraction. Have them hold you accountable.  

If you are planning on quitting your other job and going full force, then you can definitely knock out your online real estate classes / requirements in less than a week.  

Just allocate the appropriate time based on your schedule and stick to it.  Keep in mind, the ability to be a superior time manager will also be crucial to your success in your real estate career altogether.  

#8 – Take Breaks

This will depend on how condensed your plan is for completing your online real estate schooling.  

If you are only putting a couple hours in each night, then you should be able to power through it with no breaks.  

However, if you are planning on getting this done over one week, then simply put a stop clock on your phone say every two hours.   Take 5-10 minutes to use the restroom, get a snack and something to drink.

This will revive you to keep at it and knock it out!  Remember, this is only 63 hours (Per Florida)…

#9 – Keep Comfortable

I am sure you have experienced a time with neck or back pain from sitting at a desk for too long.  Or your eyes felt like they were bleeding from staring at a computer screen for too long.

My suggestion is to create a set up where you will have a comfort level in order to stay focused and eliminate any pain / discomfort.    

Consider doing your real estate online course on a laptop where you can move to different positions from a desk, to a couch, to a standing desk converter like the one below.  They are awesome!  

#10 – Flashcards

There is something very powerful in terms of info retention when you write (or type) out information that you just learned.  

Consider making flash cards for every single question on all the practice exams.  Write the question on the front and the answers on the back.  Check out these Flash Cards that come with a metal binder ring for organization and easy transport.  

These are great as you can take them on the go wherever you are.  Use them on break, at work, or in bed before retiring for the night.  

Even if you do not use them to study from, just the process of writing them on the cards will be extremely beneficial for remembering questions / answers.  

#11 – Take The Refresh / Crash Course If Offered

If your online real estate school offers it, consider signing up and taking the crash course prior to the state exam.

This will help prepare with the preparation of answering multiple choice questions and using the process of elimination.  

Many times, the real estate schools will have savy people take the state exams and purposely fail in order to bring back new information to the class.  

Keep in mind the state exams usually change frequently.  The crash courses are geared to review the most important parts that are likely to be on the state exam.  

#12 – Keep Your Eye On The Prize

I have spoken about goals and desires on this site many times.  Why are you doing this? Is it for freedom? More money? The Lifestyle?  For your Children?

Whatever your reasons are, consider having a picture printed where you can glance at it from time to time.  This will keep things in perspective on why you are going for your real estate license.

Mine was a small house.  I knew I wanted to buy a run down house and be my own agent. 

I Get It…

Online Real Estate Schooling is a very disciplined activity.  If you feel you cannot hack it, then real estate in general may not be ideal for you.  Why?

Well, you are self employed.  There is no boss telling you what to do.  You must develop the skill set of discipline, self teaching, motivation, scheduling, time management and much more in order to be a success in the real estate industry.

Consider the online real estate school as a prequalification for this new venture.

If you find yourself falling behind and not disciplined on the schedule you set forth, then you may really want to dig deeper on why you are doing this.

On the flip side.  The real estate world has so many advantages…  You can create the life, financial freedom and the world you have dreamed about.  

I wish you much luck in this endeavour.  Keep on reading this content on this site as you will gain much insight and resources for your journey.  

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