Real Estate Farming AT NO COST!

I’m going to show you how to set up the most brilliant and frugal marketing strategy for your real estate business with Real Estate Farming At NO Cost

Some real estate agents will say farming and mailing a farm area is dead.

But I am here to tell you it isn’t…  And if you want to set up your real estate farm at NO cost to you, then read on! PS – Get your FREE GEO Farm Checklist PDF Download HERE.

Real Estate Farming Scenario

To simplify things, let’s say your initial real estate farm area is 300 doors.  And every piece mailed monthly is $1 = $300 per month.

For $1 this has to include the cost of postage, paper, ink, envelope, business card, etc.

We need to find 3 like minded businesses who are willing to advertise in your monthly real estate farm newsletter ($100 each per month).

As an example:  If your newsletter is an 8.5 x 11 double sided sheet, your real estate info is on the entire front side and your 3 collaborators are on the back!

It is as simple as that…

What Business Would Partake In Your Real Estate Farm?

A real example is our real estate farm area on Bonita Beach in Bonita Springs which we just started.  We have 2 collaborators at this time for this new farm location. One is a vacation rental company who is seeking new clients for beach front vacation rentals.  The other is the cafe in the area.

We are in the process of adding a third company which we are pursuing.  Which is an insurance company.

Just think…  What businesses in your area would benefit from a discounted mail piece that hit every month.  Or every other month?

Some real estate farming companies could be:

  • Insurance company
  • Local bars / restaurants with coupons
  • Dentist w/ coupon
  • Car Wash w/ coupon
  • Salons, Chiropractor, Doctors

Who knows…  You maybe already friends with some small business owners who would like to join your real estate farming area?

Sell The Real Estate Farm

Look.  You are in sales.  You will need to sell this to any prospective business who wishes to collaborate.

This has to be a win win.  They have to be part of your team.  You have to believe in their services or product and they have to believe in yours.

Your Farm Marketing Responsibilities

  • You are in charge of the labor creating the design / newsletter
  • You have to ensure the mailer is disbursed on time & consistent.  Even if you are outsourcing to a wholesale printer.
  • Add their business on your website for additional exposure. Great if you have stats IE – 3,000 monthly visitors to our site.
  • Place their ad on all hand delivered pieces.  IE – Promoting Open Houses, Just Listed, etc.
  • Consider hiring an assistant 5 hours a month.  $20 per hour. $100 per month. You can add this as a cost to your team.

Your Farm Collaborator Responsibilities

  • They must sign off on a written commitment to at least one year.
  • Add your real estate business on their website
  • Allow your business cards / flyers strategically places in their establishment if they have brick & mortar
  • Contribute funds and be present for the annual BBQ.  This could mean they buy beverages, certain food items, decor or provide cash and you handle it.  They can bring all of their marketing materials / banners, etc. Great for networking.

Real Estate Farming Jumpstart Plan

  1. Create a mail piece.  If you have trouble with this, consider hiring someone from Fiverr.  
  2. Include all of your real estate info / message on the front.
  3. On the back, do 3-5 sample companies.  One an insurance company, 2 restaurants with coupons and any other like kind businesses you plan to go after for your real estate farm.
  4. If you feel you have some specific companies in mind, use their actual brand / logo number and sell to them.
  5. Spend 4-5 hours finding a wholesale printer who can print with great quality, handle addressing & postage.  Can be local or online. We currently use a local company. Get the costs for the intended quantity.
  6. Have them print your sample on high quality paper, gloss and in color.  At least 50 to use for your sales presentations.
  7. Spend 5-6 hours meeting with local business owners with your flyers.  And sell them on the concept. Leave them a copy or two if you cannot get the sale done at the point of the meeting.
  8. I would say a total of 10-15 hours invested upfront into this No Cost Real Estate Farming strategy will set the wheels in motion.

Want To Expedite Your Real Estate Farm?

Get the GEO Farm Phone Numbers! Click below and get the $150 initial fee waived. Great for calling your real estate farm with valuable info like Open Houses, Just Listed & Just SOLD!!

If there is a will there is a way. We have done this in several real estate farming formats and it works. You just have to work it!

Much luck on your real estate farm!

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