Real Estate Agent Work Environment

Real Estate Agent Work Environment

Real Estate Agent Work Environment can have many different facets including the physical office / personnel as well as the environment in working with the public.

Below are some Real Estate Agent Work Environment tips as well as what to be weary of.

Real Estate Agent Work Environment (Physical Office Space)

A handful of things come to mind regarding choosing your office environment and working conditions as a real estate agent. Staff, Other Agents, Condition & Motivation.

#1 – Real Estate Management / Staff Are The Forefront Of Your Work Environment

The Broker, Managers and Paid employees goal is to ensure the real estate agents work environment is comfortable, motivating, clean, safe, motivating and supportive.

Be sure management ensures your work environment is a great experience, not the alternative. As an example. Let’s say you are married and one of the staff members keeps hitting on you, you need to take action.

Notify your broker or manager right away. Hopefully it isn’t the broker or manager who is causing the discomfort! If this problem isn’t corrected, look for a new office right away.

They also need to be aware of other agents negatively effecting your working conditions.

#2 – Other Real Estate Agents Affecting Your Work Environment

Other real agents inside your work environment can make or break your real estate career assuming you are working from an office.

There are a lot of real estate agents who will sit around and just wait to talk with anyone who will engage. And in most cases the subject matter isn’t relevant to anything pertaining to real estate.

They are losers and you need to keep your distance to ensure a productive work environment.

And be weary of the creeps! I’ve been in the business for a long time and not sure what it is, but the real estate industry does attract some creeps.

Notify your real estate broker or staff of any inappropriate behavior as it shouldn’t be tolerable and again will have negative consequences to your work environment / success.

#3 – The Office Condition Of Your Real Estate Work Environment

If you haven’t chosen a real estate company to work with yet, be sure to have an interview at their office.

How would it feel to work in this real estate environment? It is clean? Bright and Airy? Comfortable? Clean? Smell Good? Motivating? Modern with the time?

I have been in dozens of real estate offices over the years. And can tell you I wouldn’t step foot back into some of these work environments. If you haven’t seen them yet, you will.

I mean dark brown floral wall paper pealing in the corners and stained stick down tile just isn’t impressive for your working environment or your clients for that matter.

Your office is a reflection of YOU! Choose your Brokerage wisely.

#4 – How’s The Motivation Of Your Real Estate Work Environment?

When you walk into your office, is the office manager upbeat getting you excited to take on the day and motivate you for lead follow up and prospecting??

Your real estate work environment must be energetic. Why? Bottom line, you will get more accomplished and be more productive.

So, if you are a real estate agent who will need a strong work environment and will work from an office, then be sure to have a strong Broker / Staff who will keep the energy level high!

A good suggestion before signing with a Brokerage is to ask the agents within the office about the energy levels, motivation, culture, etc.

For more tips on Choosing The Right Real Estate Brokerage, check out this Article.


Real Estate Agent Work Environment (The Clients)

I’ve written about this a few times throughout this site. Be sure to pick and choose the clients who provide YOU a good working environment / conditions.

What would make your working environment better? A seller who keeps talking down to you because the property hasn’t sold yet? Or the buyer who is extremely grateful for showing them 4 houses and negotiating a great deal for them?

Ideally the second client. Your real estate agent work environment doesn’t just end when you walk out of your office. Your environment is everything you are exposed to.

This can be extremely difficult, especially for green real estate agents, but do not second guess firing a client who is disrespectful.

They not only will stress and consume you but will also negatively effect your working environment amongst fellow agents, other clients and even your family.

Your Personal Real Estate Work Environment (Home Office & Car)

And lastly… These two areas of your work environment can be completely controlled by YOU.

Many real estate agents have a home office. Also, as a real estate agent a large majority of your work environment is spent inside your vehicle.

Keeping an organized home office and car will keep you less stressed as well.

Some quick tips for both of these areas of concentration to ensure a healthy work environment.

  • If you don’t use it, get rid of it. People hold onto too much shit. Get rid of what you do not use. If you haven’t used it in 30 days junk it.
  • Keep organized. Know where everything you need is at all times.
  • Keep clean. Especially your car. Have you ever gotten into a dirty Uber car? Yeah not a good time. Your clients deserve clean even if your car sucks.


Thank you for checking out this article. I have laid out a lot of content though-out this site that maybe valuable to you. Stay a while. Check it out! Who knows, it could be the difference of a $100k year.


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