Real Estate Agent Video Ideas (2019)

Real Estate Agent Video Ideas

One of the fastest and FREE ways to grow your real estate business is through video.

These are my top 9 real estate agent video ideas that you can implement right away:

  • Real Estate Client Testimonials
  • Real Estate Educational Videos
  • Your Area Attractions 
  • Schools and School Rating Videos
  • Real Estate Video on Your Listings (And Others)
  • Hot Property Alert Video
  • About You Video
  • Attend And Video Local Events / Attractions 
  • Real Estate Referral Agent Video  

Before We Get Started On The Video Ideas for Real Estate Agents

A very inspiring team is that of Sean and Benji.  Their book on YouTube Secrets is the exact formula I use on both of my channels SteveInvests and MyBeachBrokers.  A cheap read to reduce wasting time and mistakes in the YouTube world!


Real Estate Client Testimonial Videos

At the end of the day, you can say you are the greatest real estate agent who has ever lived.  

However, coming from a past client has much more relevance.  So this real estate agent video idea can provide you plenty of content / videos for the life of your real estate business.

Ask every past client as well as new clients at the end of every transaction, if they are open to sharing their response to a simple survey on camera?

If they are open to it, I would ask them to meet with you, choose 2 questions from the list below (or add to it) to answer:

  • How was Steve’s overall professional service?
  • Did Steve listen to all of your wants / demands?
  • Would you refer Steve to family and friends, and why?
  • Do you feel Steve treated this process as if you were family?
  • How do you feel about Steve’s work ethic?
  • Was Steve on time and did he respect your time?  
  • What stood out about Steve?
  • Tour of their new home.

Keep it fun and interesting as well.  Be part of the video. Make jokes and show your true personality.  This is what people want. They want to know who they will be going into business with.

Think about it.  When you enter that relationship with a buyer or seller, it can be several months working and communicating with them.  The same goes true from their perspective. They want to know who they are working with.  

Real Estate Educational Videos

These real estate agent video educational ideas are really unlimited.  Think about everything that goes into buying, selling, investing and leasing real estate?

Some real estate educational video ideas are as follows:

  • Tips on staging your home
  • Spend $2,000 to get your property top dollar
  • What is a 1031 exchange
  • How to buy real estate with a self directed IRA
  • What is escrow
  • What is an estoppel
  • What is lead based paint
  • Do I need to hire an attorney
  • What are the main contingencies in a real estate contract
  • What should I look for in a real estate inspection
  • What should I look for in a real estate appraisal
  • How to negotiate the right real estate deal
  • How to renegotiate after the inspection has been completed
  • How to cancel a real estate contract
  • What is a seller’s disclosure
  • How do I go about shopping for a mortgage
  • How to buy your first rental property
  • What is NOI (Net Operating Income)
  • What is Cap Rate
  • How to buy income property

Real Estate Video On Your Area Attractions 

Look.  People are buying real estate for the area.  Not just the brick and mortar home.

So what is special about your city, town or county?  Why do you live there? Why should other people move there?

What are your favorite restaurants / bars?  Where do you shop? What kind of entertainment do you have access to?  What about activities like golf, boating, tennis, etc

When you educate prospective clients before you have even met with them, you will score big points as well as create loyalty.  So create these real estate videos and “sell” them on your area of concentration. 

Schools and School Rating Videos

If you have ever dealt with families (or expecting families) moving into a new area, school districts / rating are extremely important to many.

Why not create a video that breaks down each school in your area from rating, location and how each school is different from one another.

If you were moving into a new area, would you want this broken down for you in a video?  I sure would.  

Real Estate Video on Your Listings (And Others)

This real estate agent video idea can be extremely fun and also provide countless hours of footage for you.  You don’t have to have a single listing to create these either. 

Start inside your company.  Ask your fellow agents if you can do a video to promote their listing.  Almost every agent should allow this.

Also, don’t be afraid to reach outside of you brokerage to video listings.  Find properties that are interesting in your area, call the agent and get permission.  

I recommend emailing them and have them email back providing permission just so you have a record of it.  

Hot Property Alert Video

This real estate video idea can really make you stand apart from others and make commissions fairly quick if it is the “right deal.”  Personally I scour the MLS daily looking for deals for clients as well as for myself. And I come across really good deals. Some are foreclosures and others that just need a lot of work.

I know my market and know it well.  For example, there was a property listed by another agent for $650k.  I took my buyer to the property and he offered $450k.  

The seller countered at $500k which was their bottom (a great price!).  My buyer didn’t go for it, however, I pushed this out to my database as I knew with some money and work, this property would easily be worth $700k.  

I ended up getting it into contract the very next day.  You can create these opportunities from nothing!  

About You Video

People want to do business with people they like and know.  What is a better way to get prospective clients to get to know you by a About Me Video?  

I suggest covering the following in your video:

  • Who Are You / Your Family
  • Where Are You From
  • What Area / Speciality Do You Work In Real Estate
  • Where Do You Live
  • What Are Your Hobbies


Attend And Video Local Events / Attractions 

This is a great real estate agent video idea that you can have a lot of fun with.  Whatever you are interested in going to, video tape it. Bring in your family and friends.  Make a day of it.  

I think doing videos on annual events are ideal as people can prepare their calendar for the next year as well.  

For example.  Every year on Fort Myers Beach, Florida there is a sandcastle tournament that attracts artists from all over the world.  A really cool event. That would be an ideal event to tape… 

Real Estate Agent Video Ideas

You can also do videos of upcoming events even if you do not intend on attending.  

Real Estate Referral Agent Video

Now this real estate agent video idea can have some strong residuals if marketed properly.

Create something similar to the video below like we have for our My Beach Broker YouTube Channel in SW Florida.

PS – Keep us in mind for client referral that you might have in South Florida!

Real Estate Agent Video General Tips

  • Add your YouTube URL in your email signature
  • Share every video on your Social Media platforms
  • Share every new video via email blast to your Sphere Of Influence / Past Client
  • Optimize your videos on YouTube as it is the second largest search engine.  (Use keywords in your title, description as well as tags). Search YouTube for tips on this.  There are plenty of videos about this topic.
  • Have good thumbnail pictures (Again search YouTube for tips)
  • Have a good channel art (background of your channel)
  • Watch your local news.  What is happening? Anything of interest?
  • Get creative.  The YouTube world is unlimited on what you can do.
  • Just start.  You will have a million excuses not to get on camera.  Everyone is uncomfortable in the beginning. But just start.
  • Post consistently.  At least 1 time per week.  
  • Batch videos.  Meaning do 2-3 videos at a time so you have 2-3 weeks worth of footage.  
  • Use your cellphone initially if you cannot buy a nice camera
  • Post videos on YouTube is FREE 

I hope these real estate videos ideas have been helpful.  Please check out and subscribe to my YouTube channel SteveInvests to get the latest tips for real estate agents, brokers and investors!  

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