Real Estate Agent Resources

Real Estate Agent Resources

The most common Real Estate Agent Resources needed for your real estate career are as follows:

  1. A Strong Mentor
  2. Reliable Transportation
  3. Cell Phone
  4. Lap Top
  5. Training / Coaching
  6. MLS
  7. Website / Blog

You Need A Strong Mentor

An underrated real estate agent resource is having a strong mentor.  Unfortunately many new and even veteran agents are lost in this industry as they do not have anyone to look up to or follow.

Having a strong mentor as a real estate agent resource doesn’t necessarily mean they have to physically be in your presence.  There are so many real estate experts on YouTube that provide weekly advice and resources who you can follow.

On the other hand, if you are starting out…  Search your local market. Drive around and see who signs you see the most of.  Call these agents and explain you are entering the real estate business and would like to have mentorship.  Explain you are willing to work for free.  

Yes FREE.  If this mentor is truly educating you about the real estate market, then the free time you put in will be worth hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars to you.

If over time, you feel it isn’t a good fit, move on.  However, if it is a good fit, then you might be able to become part of your mentors team.  

And as always, feel free to Subscribe to my YouTube Channel and allow me to assist you on this journey!  

Reliable Transportation

Let’s face it.  If you cannot show buyers homes and be present for listing appointments, then how are you really going to sell real estate?

A car is a necessary resource for real estate agents.  Without it, you are kind of stuck. Unless of course you live in a city where transportation is via cab, Uber or a One Wheel.  

Be sure your car is reliable, clean and well taken care of it.  Your transportation doesn’t have to be brand new or that of a luxury brand like a BMW, Lexus or Tesla.  

It just needs to be presentable, reliable and clean.  If your car is on its last leg and kind of crummy looking, save up and pay cash for something else if possible.  

Always keep in mind your income and expenses.  You can buy the fancy car later on when your assets pay for them.

Cell Phone

These days cell phones even replace laptops for many real estate activities.  A cell phone is a necessary resource in order to make and receive calls in order to do business.

I’m not sure how you can really function without this resource.  

I highly suggest ensuring your carrier is strong in your area.  People do not want to battle with drop calls or phone static.

If you are in the process of changing carriers, ask friends, family members or other agents with their experience of their carrier.  DON’T Cheap Out On This Expense.  I personally use the iPhone which is easily synced with my Macbook Air.  Check links as you can get cheap refurbed units.  


I always prefer a laptop over a desktop for the sole reason that it is mobile.  Laptops are a main resource for real estate agents to prepare presentations, search MLS, blog on their websites and much more.  

There are many things that the laptop is needed for that a cell phone just will not cut it.

Due to its mobility, I am able to work on vacation, on a plane and even in the car.  So if you are deciding between a laptop or desktop, go with the laptop. You will be more effective and efficient.  


Training / Coaching

Like mentorship, training and coaching is an imperative real estate agent resource in order to excel in the real estate industry.  And continual coaching is imperative.

Again, there are so many FREE videos on how to be a better real estate agent and grow in this industry.  I recommend following a few real estate coaches or experts on YouTube.

This may lead into personal coaching but at least you will have this resource at your disposal at no cost!  

I also recommend watching at least a video a day regarding real estate tips / strategies.  Feel free to check out my channel HERE>

Be sure to subscribe and hit the bell so you are notified every time we put a new video out which is at least 1 per week.   

It is my goal to help others out in the real estate industry with the right resources, guidance and ultimately learn from my mistakes.  

MLS (Multiple Listing Service)

If you are in residential sales, then access to the MLS is an imperative resource as a real estate agent.

This allows you to search the market, study the market, provide CMA’s and much more.

With that said, this isn’t as important if you are going to do commercial sales.  Loopnet is a popular site needed for a career in commercial real estate sales.  

Website / Blog / Video

As you will read in other sections on this site, a website can be a very effective resource for real estate agents so as long as they know how to use it.

Your blog content needs to be about local attractions, area info and micro economics of your local real estate market.  As well as content about local communities / subdivisions.  

Video is a HUGE contributor to this as well.  So for every blog you do, create a video on YouTube on exactly what you wrote about.  Embed that video on that blog and in YouTube input the blog link in the description.

It is simple as that.  I suggest doing one blog / one video a week.  Also, your videos can be taken from your smart phone (landscape).  For more information on this, check out our article HERE.  

Unlimited Real Estate Agent Resources 

There are truly unlimited real estate agent resources available free to you.  You just need to search for them. This site being one of them.  

These top 7 are the most important resources in my estimation for a strong foundation in the real estate industry.

Review all the blogs on this site and don’t forget to follow me on YouTube!  

To Your Success – Steve Invests

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