Real Estate Agent Buyer Checklist (Free PDF)

Real Estate Agent Buyer Checklist

If you are a real estate agent working with buyers, it is imperative to be organized and use a Real Estate Agent Buyer Checklist on a daily basis.  Not only will this real estate agent buyer checklist make you organized but it will assist in reducing liability and provide better customer service.

I have broken the Real Estate Agent Buyer Checklist into 7 Categories.  You can easily download a FREE PDF version of the Real Estate Agent Buyer Checklist HERE.

  1. Pre-Meeting
  2. First Meeting
  3. Post Meeting / Showings
  4. In Contract
  5. Post Closing
  6. If Financed
  7. Important Contact Dates

Pre-Meeting Buyer Checklist

It is important get to all the necessary items up front to ensure the buyer prospect can actually financially purchase the property.

This is also the time to ensure you are being safe.  Too many get excited, jump in their car to come face to face with a stranger.  Just be careful out there.

Get Preapproval Letter (or)
Get Proof Of Funds
Copy of Driver’s Lic (Especially If Never Met!)
Simple Google Search Prospect (You Never Know)

Buyer First Meeting Checklist

This is the appropriate time to dig deep on their real estate wants / needs.  However, it is also the time to talk about your services and expectations.

Meet or Phone Discussion For All Real Estate Needs / Wants
Discuss Buyer Broker Agreement, if any. 
Provide Buyer Your Personal Brochure, Etc.

Buyer Post Meeting Checklist

This is the buyer check list point where the bulk of your time will be spent with the prospective buyer.  We want to ensure we are scouting the properties that match their wants / needs.

This is also time to shine with your customer service.  So brining some items like snacks and water can give some relax time in between property showings.  Especially if you are previewing multiple homes.

Scout Properties Matching Criteria
Set Appointments To Preview (Without Buyer If Enough Time)
Set Appointments For Showings
Meet Prospect At Office or First Property
Provide Property Flyer / Details
Consider Brining Cooler With Water / Snacks
Ask Questions Opinion Of Property / Encourage Note Taking & Pictures
Write & Negotiate Offer

Buyer Contract Checklist

This part of the Real Estate Agent Buyer Checklist maybe the most important in terms of liability.  We want to ensure we are not missing anything from Contract to Close.

This is also the time period where your buyer is nervous, excited and maybe sometimes irrational.  Just make sure you are not missing any step as any set backs can disrupt the flow.

Email Executed Docs To All Parties  (Buyer, Mortgage, Closing Agent, Etc.)
Confirm Buyer Submitted Escrow
Confirm All Parties Received Executed Docs & Set File
Internal Broker File Set Up
Add Important Dates (Below) In Your Calendar
Confirm Buyer Submitted Full Application With Lender
Follow Up Lender (Below)
Follow Up Escrow Deposit Receipt
Arrange Inspection / Access (General, Termite, Radon, Septic, Etc)
Arrange Appraiser Access
Review Inspection Report With Buyer
Renegotiate credit / repairs, if any.  Get in writing before inspection expiration
Provide Buyer Checklist For Set Up (IE –  Insurance, Electric, Cable, Etc)
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buyer checklist

Buyer Post Closing Checklist

This is the most import part of the real estate agent buyer checklist for continued business and referrals.  Our Sphere of Influence feeds our real estate business forever.

If worked properly.  Remember, if you build up enough happy clients they will provide you “warm” leads year after year.

Verbally Ask For Referrals (Who Do You Know Could Use My Services)
Provide Closing Gift
Follow Up 3 Days Later (Ask about overall experience & Online Review)
Add to CRM
60 Days Mail A Small Gift Or Card
Put Them In Sphere Of Influence Follow Up Program

If Buyer Is Financing Checklist

If your buyer is financing, you have to stay in front of the mortgage broker / lender.  Especially if you never have done business with them.  There are great ones and not so good ones out there.

I have seen so many deal negligently fall apart due to mortgage brokers not proactively work on a file.  If you stay in front of them, your file stays at the top and you will know in a timely manner of any issues.  Sometimes even necessary to move lenders to save a deal.

Bother them and stay on top of it!

Follow Up Lender (First 24 Hours) Confirm Receipt Of Contract
Follow Up Lender (Day 3) Confirm Complete Application / Any Issues
Follow Up Lender (Day 7) Progress Update
Follow Up Lender (Day 15) Progress Update
Follow Up Lender (Day 22) Progress Update
Follow Up Lender (Day 30) Update Loan Commitment

Important Buyer Timeline Checklist

Real Estate Agent Buyer timeline checklist will reduce liability, keep on target, organized and reduce conflicts.  Put these important dates in your electronic calendar and set alerts.

Executed Date: 
Escrow (1st Deposit):
HOA Application:
HOA Doc Receipt:
Escrow (2nd Deposit):
Prior Policy / Survey:
Inspection Deadline:
Financing Contingency:
Walkthrough Date:
Close Date: 

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