Prospecting Real Estate Leads

Prospecting Real Estate Leads

Prospecting for real estate leads is an extremely part of your daily duties as a real estate agent.

What Is Prospecting

Pros*pect (Verb) – Look out for.  Search For.

“It is the responsibility for salespeople to prospect daily for new business.”

Cold calling is an extremely effective way to prospect for new business. Whether it is a FSBO, Expired Listing, Pre-Foreclosure (Short Sale) or Geo Farm Area.

By setting up a daily schedule to prospect for new business, this will have an immediate dramatic effect on your business.  Below you will find access to REDX which is an incredible tool to get phone numbers right away.  However, let’s dive into some prospecting Tips!  

Prospecting Tips

Below you will find my top 3 tips in order to prospect effectively!

Stick To A Schedule

Be sure you have a disciplined weekly prospecting schedule.  For example, you commit to cold calling Pre-Foreclosures three days a week.  Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.  You commit to two hours each day from 8am – 10am.  

During this time, you will not do ANYTHING else.  This means, no distractions.  No outside phone calls.  No emails.  No BS.  This is your TIME to be focused and efficient with your mission.  

And your mission is setting appointments to get listings.  

Track Numbers

Tracking your numbers is vital.  Bottom line, if you watch your numbers, they will grow.  Numbers do not lie.  This is telling on how much better you are getting in your conversions as well.  For example.  Track the following for any given two hour prospecting session:

  • How many calls made:  75
  • How many you spoke with:  25
  • How many appointments set:  2  

Practice Scripts

When you are armed with what to say and ask the right question at the right time, you set more appointments.  I suggest practicing your scripts before each prospecting session for 15-20 minutes.  

If you do not have a role play partner, simply say the scripts out loud and in front of a mirror.  You will get better with time. 

Need Phone Numbers?

One company I highly recommend is RedX. With our agreement, I have been able to get them to waive their $149 sign on fee for you!! Click the link below and you will be all set!

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