Property Leasing / Management

So what exactly is property leasing / property management?

As a licensed real estate agent, you have the appropriate licensure not only to sell real estate but to lease it.  You can work with landlords, tenants or both.  

My sister and I built our Property Leasing division and represented well over 1000 landlord transaction over the years.  This was an incredible way to make residual monthly income that was recession proof!  

What Are The Responsibilities Of A Property Manager

  • Meeting with prospective landlords
  • Listing and marketing the properties for rent
  • Procuring tenants for said properties
  • Preparing tenant applications
  • Screening prospective tenants
  • Processing lease agreements 
  • Collection or rents
  • Overseeing contractors for property issues
  • Follow up 

** Some factors will depend on your state / ability to handle certain aspects like preparation of leases.  May need attorney involvement.  

If this is of interest, take a look at the course below.  We have had so many trial and errors over the years that it is imperative to learn from our mistakes to further your growth as a property manager in a timely manner.  

Property Leasing Experts (Coming Soon) – Only $49

In this course, you will learn step by step the following:

  • How to grow a property management / leasing business to create long term residual income
  • How to market for landlord listings
  • How to market to tenants
  • Programs to keep things efficient
  • Set up contractor alliances so you do not handle 2am leaky toilet calls
  • Follow up system to convert tenants into future buyers to earn sales commissions
  • Landlord portfolio growth strategies to earn sales commissions and grow long term with your clients

** This course is in its final hours of completion and will be available estimated by June 2020.  If you want to be on our list to get notified, submit your information below.  Anyone who does will receive a 15% discount with no deposit required.  Just mention Property Management in the comment section below.