Open House Checklist (FREE PDF)

Open House Checklist (FREE PDF)

Having an Open House Checklist is imperative to a successful and profitable open house.

We have broken the Open House Checklist down into six categories below.  Get your FREE Open House Checklist in a PDF HERE.

Open House Checklist Categories

  1. Open House Material Checklist
  2. 7 Days Leading Up To Your Open House
  3. The Day Before Your Open House
  4. 1 Hour Before Your Open House
  5. During Your Open House
  6. Post Open House

Open House Material Checklist  

This is essentially all tangible items you are going to need for your open house.  This includes all marketing materials, food / snacks, items to set the atmosphere and work related items during down time. 

The last thing you want to do is set up your Open House and miss one or two necessary things for your open house.  If you forget anything, this may disrupt the amount of time the house is being held open or important work items just may not get completed.  

Open House Material List

Business Cards
Property Flyer
Personal Brochure
Sign In Sheet / Device (Paper or Electronic – IE – IPAD)
Main Open House Sign / Flag / Banners (Front & Back Yard *Waterfront)
Gift Bag (Marketing Materials – (Pens, Magnet, Koozie, Snack)
Open House Directional Signs (7-10) **Branded Signs With

YOUR Name & Number

Candles (Anything to help Aroma)
Speaker (Music)
Beverages (Water, Coffee, Other Refreshments)
Snacks, Sandwiches, Etc
If Unfurnished (Bring 4 folding chairs / small table if available)
Bring Something For Self-Defense
Bring Personal Meals / Refreshments
Laptop / Phone
All other work related items needed to get done during downtime

7 Days Leading Up To Your Open House

You are going to work on your Open House checklist in advance.  About a week prior. 

This portion of the open house checklist will keep you on target to market the open house in advance via internet, Cold Calling and Door knocking.  Need phone numbers?  This LINK will get you $149 sign on fee.  

Also, an opportune time to study the house / community and begin prepping the property to be held open.  

7 Days Leading Up

Input Open House VIA Your MLS
Be sure syndicates into Zillow, Etc.
Past On All Social Media Platforms (LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook,

Craigslist, Instagram, Etc)

Practice Dialogue / Scripts
Study The Neighbor Hood / Amenities / Area
Study & Preview The Active Competition
Make Sure The House Is Clean
Cold Call Geo Area (Get Numbers HERE).

The Day Before Your Open House

eThe day before is the ideal time to use this checklist to drum up more prospects directly from the neighborhood, ensure your material list is accounted for, set up the interior of the open house and market on all the social / online platforms to remind everyone.

Day Before Open House

Be Sure To Have All Materials Above
Door knock 50 – 200 neighbors in the surrounding area / community. 

Provide invitation flyer / post card.  End of the day when people are off work

(Reminder) Market On All Platforms Above
Set Up Inside Open House with Marketing Materials, Etc
Make Sure The House Is Clean
Cold Call Geo Area (Get Numbers HERE).

1 Hour Before Your Open House

Almost game time!  Let’s complete this checklist and ensure the open house is in perfect shape and all signs are out and visible.  

Does the house enough lighting?  Are you prepared?  

And remember, aromas and music will make people comfortable and stay longer.  


Get All Signage Out.  Be sure you can clearly see from as many angles as possible. 
Practice Dialogue / Scripts
Open Drapes / Blinds
Turn On Lights
Turn On Music
Light Candles
Make Coffee, Cookies and Whatever else for Aroma
Set Up Your Work Station / Stay Busy Prospecting / Lead Follow Up. 

*During Slow Time

During Your Open House

You want to remind yourself of specific questions to ask. Be energetic and overall a great host.  

Also, be sure you have everything needed to work during your open house while it is slow.  Don’t waste your time. This is prime time to get things done and procure more business!  


Be Energetic and Inviting
Ask Prospects To Sign In Per Sellers Request
Allow Them To Walk Around Freely / Give Them Space
Ask If They Would Like Refreshments / Snacks
Ask For Feedback About The Property.  Ask Some Probing Questions Like:
– What Brings You In Today?
– How Long Have You Been Looking?
– Do You Have To Sell A House Before Buying The Next?
– Maybe They Are A Neighbor Looking To Sell?  How Soon Do They Want To Sell.
Downtime – Remember to ensure you have everything during downtime to follow up call,

prospect new business and further market. 

Post Open House

Alright!  You completed your Open House.  Now what? Fortune Is In The Follow Up.  Be sure to follow up with every person who attended.  See if you can meet with them for coffee to talk about all of their real estate needs.  

Also, after the open house you will want to think about the success or lack of.  Was traffic slow? What was the day and time? Are there better properties can you be holding open?  


Add everyone into your CRM
Call Everyone For Feedback & Ask For Appointments To Meet
Track Your Activity On The Open House.  Enough Traffic?  If Not, Consider Moving On To Another One To Test. 
Prepare For The Next Open House
Geo Areas Phone Numbers To Promote Your Open House –

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Open House Checklist Tips

Use this checklist every time.  Add and alter it if need be, especially if you have other marketing techniques.  

Too hot or cold to door knock?  Need phone numbers? FSBO’s, Expired Listings, For Rent By Owners, 

Pre-Foreclosure (Short Sales), Geo Areas – The link below will waive their $149 sign on fee!!  Explode your business right now!

Much luck out there!

Steve Daria

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