If you have been following my YouTube Channel Steve Invests, you know that I am all about creating multiple streams of “passive income.”

I believe it is important to diversify and always adapt regardless of what position or job you might hold. If you are employed, create a back up plan. Things will change and you must be prepared with other work and other sources of income.

2008 Real Estate Recession

As a real estate broker during the recession it was scary times. Times that I didn’t know where the next sale or commission check was going to come from.

I knew we needed to adapt to the market and pivot. Which is why we went after Short Sales, REO’s, Property Leasing and BPO’s.

One thing that I learned, was we needed multiple streams of income for survival and to really thrive!

Why Online?

Fast forward 10 years… After selling majority share of our real estate firm (Maxim Realtors) in 2018, I have been on a mission to create online income.

Well, I am a big believer in you are responsible for creating your own destiny. And for me, I love to have freedom.

Freedom to choose to work when I want to. Freedom to go on vacation whenever I want. Freedom not to work because I’m not bound to a mortgage or car payment or any other leveraged liability.

So Join Me

I encourage you to join me on my journey. Start with the video below and follow me to gain insight, ideas and motivation to grow your wealth through real estate, investing, personal finance and online income.

Learn. Invest Wisely. Don’t Keep Up With The Jones’ and Be FREE!