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Ideal Community For Aging In Place – SRES

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A community that would be most attractive to someone looking to age in place would be a small town with good public transportation, as well as a top rated hospital / health care and a range of housing options.

So What Is Aging In Place?

This is when maturing adults (55 plus) are going to live in one’s own home and community independently, safe and comfortable.  

I would say this is for the more independent maturing adults who prefer to have the same comforts of home that they have always had.

What Would Not Be A Good Community To Age In Place?

A prime example would be a metropolitan area where it is congested, difficult to get around and the cost of living it high.

Can Maturing Adults Outfit Their Current Homes To Age In Place?


Some options include but are not limited to lowering kitchen cabinets, widening doorways for wheelchair accessibility, build ramps for areas with stairs, install handrails in bathrooms around the toilet and inside showers and even decluttering furniture / items throughout the house to avoid trip hazards.