How To Market As A Real Estate Agent

How To Market As A Real Estate Agent

Below you will find ways to market as a real estate agent in order to make  hundreds if not millions of dollars every year if implemented.  

With that said, I also go into detail the on majority of these strategies in other articles on this site with resources, tools and scripts.  You can use the search button at the top of this site to go directly to your target market of choice. In the interim, this will at least guide you on where and how to get started fast.

Niche Market For Real Estate Agents

Marketing Strategies Real Estate AgentsIn any business, it is a HUGE mistake to cast the net far and wide in your marketing approach.  Real estate agents will get discouraged very quickly by trying to market to too many targets at one time.  

I did exactly that when I first got into the real estate business.  I was very excited to get started in marketing my real estate business.  However,  I was trying to do too many things at once, not dedicating the appropriate time on each target market.  

I was door knocking, mailing, cold calling, magazines, bandit signs, etc.  This set me back several months as I wasn’t FOCUSED on any one thing consistently.  Learn from my mistakes and FOCUS. 

FOCUS on Your Real Estate Agent Marketing

Marketing Strategies Real Estate Agents

Follow One Course Until Successful.  I live by this every day.  It is near impossible to be a huge success in anything unless you dedicate the time, energy and resources into your daily tasks.  When you focus on our real estate agent marketing, you will see consistent results.  

3 Ways To Market Your Real Estate Agent Business

Below you will find 3 ways to market your new real estate agent business.  I also have an article with 52 other proven strategies to market your real estate business.  However, try to concentrate on only 1-2 real estate niche markets initially.  You will want to first get your systems perfected initially on each target market before moving to the next.  Remember. Focus.

Build your real estate business as if you are going to sell it one day.  If you have proven income strategies, systems and the rights team in place, you can absolutely sell it.  Real estate companies and teams are selling around 3 times net profit. 

#1 – Market To Your Sphere Of Influence   

This should be every new real estate agent’s number one target market.  No matter what other ideas you have, make this your number one priority over the first 10 days.

What is your Sphere Of Influence?  These are all the people you personally know.  Compile a list with names, addresses, emails and phone numbers into a CRM with drip email capability.  Mail Chimp is a marketing automation platform that you can use FREE.  

You will want to reach out and stay in front of this target market on a consistent basis and notify everyone that you are a real estate agent and there to service them or anyone they know.

As you meet more people each day (which you should make it a goal to pass 20 business cards out) then you add them to your database.  This also goes for Past Clients.

These people become the life blood of your business if you work it on a consistent basis.  

Over a Million a Year!  

I attended a Mike Ferry Superstar Retreat a couple of years back and met a veteran real estate agent of 40 years.  She consistently made $1,000,000 or more every year strictly on her Sphere of Influence / Past Clients.

How?  Well, the link above has the step by step strategies to do this.  This woman also notified me that she sold her real estate agent business to her protege for $2.7 million dollars.  Just incredible right?!

Remember you are in control of your destiny.  Whatever you want can and will be achieved so as long as you put in the necessary work every day with the right mind set!  

Marketing Strategies Real Estate Agents

One of the best books on the Market is by Napoleon Hill – Think And Grow Rich.  A must read for anyone who has big dreams to making a lot of money and live an incredible great life!

This book really taught me that no matter what you are thinking about you will become.  The brain is a powerful force.  Be sure you feed it the right stuff.

**Side Note**Life is short!  

Don’t bog it down with bullshit or other people’s bullshit!  Another book that has provided me incredible insight is  The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*CK.  This book really goes into detail on the noise that surrounds us everyday.  The tricks in this book made me more calm, less stressed as well as more productive.  It teaches the lessons on how not to allow anything that anyone does or says to effect you.  Again…  An incredible read.

#2 Marketing Your Real Estate Agent Business To For Sale By Owners (FSBO)

This is a Gold Mine to to market your real estate agent business to in order to make sales within your first 60-90 days.  The old saying is “You List You Last.  Listings build a predictable real estate business and also it creates tremendous freedom for you and your family.

Marketing Strategies Real Estate AgentsHow?  Well, when you have listings you don’t necessarily have to be in your area, state or even country to still sell.  Other real estate agents are showing your listings. Not too mention you can build a team with buyer’s agents who hustle all the buyer leads that you generate from your listings.  

I remember being in Cancun one year hanging out with my father for a long weekend.  4 straight days of all-inclusive eating, drinking and sunshine. However, every morning I put about an hour of work in, negotiating contracts on my listings and assisting my team.  That weekend accounted to some of our real estate listings going pending and eventually closed around $32,000 in commission dollars. 

The fastest and least expensive way to get in front of FSBO’s is to Cold Call. Websites like REDX will provide daily FSBO’s contact info.  ** Need phone numbers? FSBO’s, Expired Listings, For Rent By Owners, Pre-Foreclosure (Short Sales), Geo Areas – The link below will waive their $149 sign on fee!! Explode your business right now!

real estate resources

#3 Marketing Your Real Estate Agent Business To  Expired Listings.  

An expired listing occurs when the real estate agent failed to sell the property and the listing agreement contract ran out.

This could be a result from a soft market, overpriced listing or poor property condition and / or a combination of all.  Many times real estate agents will not communicate with their sellers on a weekly basis thus not being able to get price adjustments.  

This too is another Gold Mine to market your real estate agent business and make money fast (if cold called / door knocked).  The expired listing seller is usually pissed off and “sick of real estate agent’s broken promises.”  THE top complaint in my experience in dealing with an expired listing seller is… “The agent put on a good listing presentation.  We gave them a chance and signed up. Then we never / rarely heard from them again until several months later when they wanted to reduce the price.  And we didn’t.”

Be sure to communicate each week to your sellers.  

Consistent Real Estate Marketing Actions = Consistent Results

Marketing Strategy RealtorsSimilar to the example  up top. If I were to work out with heavy weights 3 days a week for 30 minutes, it is guaranteed I will gain muscle mass.  Your real estate business is no different.

Get serious.  Focus. Put the work in every day and I promise you will never worry about money again!!  

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