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5 Steps – How To Get Your Real Estate License In Florida

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5 Steps – How To Get Your Real Estate License In Florida


In order to acquire your real estate license in Florida, there are 5 requirement types.


  1. General Requirements
  2. Educational Requirements
  3. Exam and Application Requirements
  4. Post Licensing Requirements
  5. Continuing Education Requirements


We will go into detail on all 5 below.  However, in order to get your real estate license in Florida, the first 3 are the main items for initial Fl state licensure.


General Requirements


You must be at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma or GED in order to obtain your real estate license in Florida.  


It is simple as that.  If you struggled in school, do not let that deter you from being a great real estate salesperson.  I have met many people who have dropped out of school and no college education who have become superstars in real estate making hundreds of thousands of dollars every year.  


At 18 years old, you may think you are too young and inexperienced.  However, again, do not let this deter you from getting your real estate license in Florida.  


I was 19 years old when I first got my real estate license in Florida.  I can tell you first hand, everyone start green. However, at that age, many times you do not have financial commitments like a mortgage or children.  And you may have more energy than the elders or veterans.


Either way, use this to your advantage when you are relentlessly going after a career in real estate!  

If you haven’t read this book yet, I highly encourage it.

Educational Requirements


The educational requirements to get your Florida real estate license is fairly simple.  You must complete 63 hours of prelicensure schooling.


You can take this in class at your local real estate school or online like Real Estate Express



My suggestion is to take into consideration two important areas before signing up:  


Schedule – If you are currently working or have other weekly obligations, then taking an online course to get your Florida real estate license may be ideal.  


Learning Curve – Do you need to have someone lecture you in order to learn and absorb information? Or are you kind of a self starter, more independent type?  


Either way, you can knock these courses out in class as quickly as one week.  Online can be as quick as 3-4 days depending on how much coffee or Redbull you consume.  


Once you have the required amount of hours completed you will have to pass an in class exam in order to take your state exam for licensure in Florida.


Exam and Application Requirements




You will need to submit an application with fingerprint to the state of Florida along with the appropriate fee.  I believe it is around $50. Why?


Well, would you want a criminal representing you in one of your largest asset purchases or sales?  The goal of a real estate agent is to help the public. However and unfortunately history will tell you some will slip through the cracks and fraudulently affect the members of the public.  


So when you are out there working as a real estate agent in Florida, be sure to keep an eye out for the bad seeds.  They are out there…




It is exam day!  Are you ready?! Be sure to follow the 21 tips that I have laid out for you in THIS ARTICLE.  This will give you step by step tips in order to pass the Florida Real Estate State Exam the first time.


There is a fee each time you take it around $40.  You must pass with a grade of 75. There are 100 questions on the exam.  So be prepared and well rested.




You passed the Florida Real Estate State Exam!  Congratulations! Now you need to find a Broker to hunker under and train with.  Your broker will have you fill out this DBPR Form and you will instantly be active ready to sell Florida real estate.  


Be sure to read THIS ARTICLE on 7 steps for choosing the right real estate broker.  Just getting your real estate license in Florida is just one piece of the pie.  Finding the right broker to work with and training / coaching are the other two main pieces.  Choose wisely.


Post Licensing Requirements


You thought 63 hours of real estate schooling to get your real estate license in Florida and you’re done?  Not so fast!!


You will have 18-24 months after the date of receiving your Florida real estate license in order to get your post licensure requirements completed.  You can see the course info HERE.  


Yes you will have to go back to school.  Either online or in class. Same as above.  However, you will not have to take the state exam again.  Only a classroom exam. The hours are slightly less in the amount of 45 hours.  Not so bad…


I suggest doing this sooner than later as the information will be fresh.  


Continuing Education Requirements


Once the Pre and Post licensure is completed, you will have to complete continuing education for the rest of your life.  Or so as long as you maintain your real estate license.


Fairly simple.  14 hours every two years.  I personally will use Real Estate Express Online to knock this out.  This usually doesn’t take the 14 hours as they state. I’d say closer to 2-3 hours on average.  

In any case, these requirements are a good thing.  It keeps everything fresh in mind and also updates you if Florida laws change.  And they do…


To Conclude


If you are contemplating getting your real estate license in Florida, follow these tips closely.  Also, there is a lot of relevant FREE content on this site to help educate and train you to be a successful real estate agent in Florida.


I wish you much success!  Steve –