How To Buy Houses “Off Market”

There are several ways to buy houses off market which we will go into detail in this post. If you are serious about investing in real estate, it is important to find properties that are not on the local MLS that are for sale.

This is what separates many real estate investors.

Buy Houses Off Market with Organic Leads

This is, in my opinion, the best way to buy houses off market. But how does one get “organic leads” and how difficult is it to get them? Well on our Home Buyer Website, we generate leads weekly at no cost. Your can check the main page here at

This is the power of SEO. Search Engine Optimization. This is where people find you organically when they search for certain key words like We Buy Homes In…

We use a company called Carrot that basically has everything laid out to begin your SEO journey if you choose to do so. In our first 3 months, we got 5 leads, closed 1 ($40,000 assignment fee) and have another in contract for a $7,000 assignment fee.

We stopped doing mailers, Facebook Ads and Google Ads as the ROI (Return on Investment) is much stronger as it really is only our time.

It does take some work in writing content but the templates are all set up and the internal community is incredible to lead SEO amateurs like myself through the process.

Buy Off Market Homes that are Expired or Terminated Listings

These off market homes Expired or Terminated usually because their real estate agent couldn’t sell it. This could be due to overpricing the property, poor online exposure, terrible photos / videos and ultimately maybe just a bad agent or difficult seller.

In any case, this can be a great option in finding off market houses to buy. This is a very simple way to get this list. Contact a real estate agent if you are not one, ask for all expired and terminated listings in your desired area in the last 60 / 90 days.

You can then scrub the list to get phone numbers and call them or you can mail them.

Explain you buy homes fast in _____________.

For Sale By Owner For Off Market Houses

For Sale By Owners many times are not considered “On Market” as they just put a sign out front and hope for people to call. Other times they will list on Zillow but many searching on that site don’t know that you have to specially click “listed by owner” to find these listings.

So… What happens is the FSBO has tire kickers who waste their time and eventually they get frustrated. So frustrated that nearly 80% of them end up listing with an agent.

Contacting a For Sale By Owner with the right strategy and offer can land you many off market real estate deals.

Cold Calling Distressed Sellers for Off Market Homes

Another way to buy off market real estate is to find motivated sellers and cold call them. Using a system like REDX is a great tool to take action immediatedly and get deals quickly.

There are many types of distressed sellers from Tired Landlords to those delinquent on their mortgage. They NEED to sell but many times they are not on market. Yet… So if you are first to be in front of them, you have a strong shot of investing into one of these off market properties.

Buying Off Market Houses

Buying off market houses can be the difference of dealing with hundreds of competitors in your market to only a handful.

Once we began buying off market houses, it became a real eye opener especially coming from a traditional real estate brokerage background.

I suggest option number one at the top (SEO) in buying off market homes. Browse around our site and anylize the key words we are using. And replicate them if you so desire!

We also use YouTube to backlink and generate more SEO traffic. We embed throughout our website like below as well. People find our website, watch our videos and when we meet them, they already feel like “they know us.” This especially helps with our closing ratios. Much luck on your journey in finding and buying off market homes!!

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