How To Be A Great Real Estate Agent – 20 Tips

I will go into detail on the 20 tips below on How To Be A Great Real Estate Agent in 2020.

  1. Eliminate Negative Distractions In Your Life
  2. Have A Strong Desire To Help Others
  3. Have A Strong Desire For Success
  4. Be Financially Intelligent
  5. Be A Great Communicator
  6. Listen.  Listen. Listen.  
  7. Be A Great Negotiator
  8. Become Stressless
  9. Have Written & Achievable Goals
  10. Have A Disciplined schedule
  11. Use Leverage Of Others
  12. Follow A Few Mentors
  13. Continually Educate Yourself
  14. Be The Expert In Your Niche
  15. Grow Existing Relationships
  16. Email Your Database Weekly
  17. Be Strong With Follow Up
  18. Grow A Helpful Content Driven Blog 
  19. Create A Strong Video Presence
  20. Know Your Why

Eliminate Negative Distractions In Your Life

Look, in order to be a great real estate agent it is imperative to eliminate any negative distractions in your personal and professional life.  

This elimination will also have a strong positive impact on your relationships with your friends and family. 

You know what these distractions are.  These decisions moving forward maybe complex, difficult and may cause some serious strife.

However, to be a great real estate agent and a great person in general, get rid of what is dragging you down.  Consider writing out the pros and cons about each “thing” that is a bad distraction for you.  

Have A Strong Desire To Help Others

The great real estate agents out there are not necessarily doing it for the money.

The money comes when you put others first.  I know you have to make money in order to make a living, shelter yourself and put food on the table for you and your family.

However, when your purpose is to help others, “things” happen and money flows.

Have A Strong Desire For Success

Damn right!  I want you to be incredibly successful!!  However, do you? Do you want it as bad as I want it for you?

If your answer isn’t 100% yes, then you really need to do some soul searching.  

Becoming a great real estate agent will need a strong level of commitment to success.  So be sure you have that fire burning inside you that will help you achieve more than you have ever thought before.  

Be Financially Intelligent

This is a recipe for not just being a great agent but an incredible real estate agent.  Unfortunately, I see so many real estate agents fail because they are just not smart with money.

When you live within your means, invest wisely and become financially free, selling real estate becomes so much easier.

You do not stress as much if a deal falls apart and ultimately you have better decision making skills when your mind is not solely on the commission check.

Get financially educated!  Check out THIS ARTICLE to assist you in this area if you need some financial advice.  And as always, if you haven’t read Rich Dad Poor Dad, you are missing out.  This single book changed my life.  

Be A Great Communicator

Do you want to know the number one complaint most expired listing sellers have?  

It is in my experience, that their agent took the listing and didn’t hear much from them.  

In order to be a great real estate agent, you must provide incredible communication services.  Just like you would want if you were to hire someone to sell something as important as a real estate asset…  

Active clients need to be updated no less than once a week.  


Listen.  Listen. Listen.  

As mentioned previously, we are going to be great real estate agents because we have a strong desire to help others.  

Now, how can you really help someone if you are not listening to their wants and needs?  

This is another common complaint we hear from buyers and sellers.  Many times they have fired their agent. And many times we don’t hear exactly why until later on when they say ‘thank you so much for listening to exactly what we want.”

You have 2 ears and one mouth for a reason.  Listen more.

Be A Great Negotiator

In this industry, you will have to go to bat for your client.  You will have to know how to work with others. How to ask for what you need.  How to compromise. How to get creative. How to remain unemotional. Know when to be quiet.  

There are so many real estate agents who are horrible negotiators.  It doesn’t take that much effort even if you are a green agent.

Easy piece of advice…  Do not react. Simply consume the information and state you will get back to them.  Regardless of how the other side is acting. 

Take your time. 

Become Stressless

I know…  Easier said than done.  

However, real estate agents who are great, are stressless.

They are savvy, think logically and have tremendous control of their emotions. 

When you find yourself stressed, stop everything that you are doing or thinking.  Take 10 deep breaths. The inflow of oxygen helps you feel better and also makes you think clearer.

Then take a few minutes and really dissect what is stressing you out.  You will in most cases understand that life is too damn short and “this” isn’t worth stressing about.  


Have Written & Achievable Goals

Becoming great at anything needs to have specific goals to aim for.  If not, we don’t know what we are shooting for.

The moment I picked up a pen and drafted some of my early goals, I instantly felt a sense of achievement.

Once written down, revisit them on a daily basis.  What one can see, on a regular, one will eventually achieve.  

Have A Disciplined Schedule

If this article was How To Be A Terrible Real Estate Agent, this would have been at the top of the list.

A schedule is simply daily goals that you must achieve in order to have a predictable outcome.  

Every day should consist of marketing, prospecting, lead follow up and updating clients.  

If you can implement a daily schedule, you will become a great real estate agent fairly fast so as long as you are doing income producing activities.  

Use Leverage Of Others

In order to be a Great Realtor, you must be wise with your time.  You must start to think like a business. You must leverage others in order to get ahead.  

Hire someone right now.  

Start with a virtual assistant, neighborhood kid or an intern from a local college.  Even a budget of $100 a week could get you at least 40-50 hours of work a month.

Check out the article on Building A Team, so you can figure out what tasks you can assign to your “personal assistant.”  

This ROI (Return On Investment) will be astonishing so as long as they are freeing up tedious tasks for you like mailers, email campaign, blog drafts, courtesy follow up calls, presentation preparation, Craiglist Ads, appointment setting, etc. 

Follow A Few Mentors

I have dozens of mentors.  And you should too. Many are online on YouTube.  And many have helped me grow my business(s) tremendously over the years.

So pick some “free” YouTubers, a local mentor or even a real estate coach.  Or a combo of all. Be sure that whoever you follow, “speaks” to you.  

Is this article helping so far?  Keep in mind to check out and SUBSCRIBE to my channel, SteveInvests.  Maybe I can be a small part of giving you ideas and some motivation to being a great Realtor.  

Continually Educate Yourself

I recently got certified in the SRES (Seniors Real Estate Specialists) program.  

Am I concentrating on this target market?  No.  

Did I have to get this certification?  No.

But, I wanted to.  It was very interesting learning about our generations and the vast differences in how they think and why they think the way they do about certain things.  

Regardless.  You do not know everything.  You never know when certain knowledge will be needed.  Even if you thought you didn’t necessarily need it…  

Continual education will keep you sharp as well.  

Be The Expert In Your Niche

Being a great real estate agent is understanding wholeheartedly your target market.  What it is, its needs and everything about it.

Let’s say your niche is helping people avoid foreclosures through Short Sales.  It is imperative to have a complete understanding on how short sales work, consequences, alternative options, the process of and much more.  

When people in your local market think short sales, they think of YOU!

Got it?  Be The Expert.  

Grow Existing Relationships

You can refer to this as your Sphere Of Influence, Center Of Influence and / or Past Client.

This group of people are gold as they WILL refer you plenty of warm business over the course of your real estate career.

Great REALTORS know who to nurture this group of people.  And so should you.  

Call them on a regular basis.  Take them to lunch or for coffee.  Throw an annual party for them. Have a dinner night at your house.  Again, nurture them and they will reward you.  

Read up full details HERE.  

Email Your Database Weekly

That same database above, you will want to email on a weekly basis.  

This is an easy way to stay in front of them and say “Hey we are still in the real estate business and here to help any friends or family members to buy or sell real estate.”  

However, we are providing them valuable content.  

Hit them up with:  The Hot Deal Of The Month, Monthly Market Update, New Video On Area Attraction / Events, Etc.   

Be Strong With Follow Up

Great real estate agents understand “Fortune Is In The Follow Up.”  It is so true especially for prospective clients.  

Easy tip.  Don’t feel like you are bothering them.  You must be persistent in order to win over the business.  Those who have strong follow up, win in real estate.  

In many cases it will take 10+ times of follow up to really “start the process” and get a commitment from them to begin.  Another great read on Follow Up.  

Grow A Helpful Content Driven Blog 

Has this blog / website been helpful?  Well I hope it has.

The same goes for you and your local market.  Educating the public in your words is important to gain the trust of you as their expert.

Play the role.  One blog a week can be sufficient.  And you can use this blog as your email content you send to your Sphere Of Influence.   

Create A Strong Video Presence

I get it.  Being on video can be intimidating.  Trust me. When I first started filming, I felt weird, sounded weird and overall just a strange experience.  You are your own worst critic.  

However, as time progressed, I got more comfortable and confident behind the lense.

But guess what?!  You will be in a league on your own if you start as 98%+ of agents will not do it.  

Simply put.  People want to do business with people they know.  When the public watches you, they are getting to know you.  

Your lead gen and conversions will increase.  

Check out this article on Video Ideas.  

Know Your Why

And finally…  Great real estate agents know their WHY.  

So why are you doing this?  Why are you in real estate? Who are you doing this for?  What are you trying to get out of it?

Knowing why you are in real estate puts the map on the wall.  You begin to have a clear idea on where you are headed, what routes to take, how fast it will take and what it looks like.  


If you made it this far, congratulations.  And I thank you. I thank you for taking control and learning my top 20 ways on How To Be A Great Real Estate Agent.  

Continue to browse this site and check out our YouTube channel as we post twice a week with valuable information to help real estate agents, brokers and investors.  

To Your Success!!  Steve –

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