How do I get referrals from other real estate agent$?

How do I get referrals from other real estate agent$?

Know the secrets to get real estate referrals from outside brokers. How do these agents get all the referrals from out of area real estate agents?

Attend Big Real Estate Events – 4 X Per Year

How do I get referrals from other real estate agentsAttend every quarter, a real estate conference such as Mike Ferry, Tim Harris or Tom Ferry.  They have them all over the United States. Not only will you drive business to yourself, you will get a level of motivation that will get you to hit the ground running.

These kinds of powerful events draw in tens of thousands of real estate agents in one place.  These events usually are 2-4 day events. There are opportune times to sit next to other agents, take them to lunch or meet at a break.

Make a goal to make a connections with a certain amount of people per day.  You are in the business of selling. Sell yourself. This will also give you plenty of practice to get out of your comfort zone and talk to others.


Step #1

Have specific business cards made to hand out to other real estate agents / brokers. On one side it will have your contact info. The other side it will say “I have a proven track record in closing deals in Southwest Florida. I pay 30% referral commissions will communicate with you every week.”

How do I get referrals from other real estate agents

Step #2

Go to these events with the intention to get 100 cards a day from other real estate agents. “Hello. My name is Steve and I’m a real estate broker in SWFL. What is your name and where are you out of? (Bill from NY). A pleasure to meet you Bill! Here is my card. I have a high concentration in closing broker referrals and I’d like to be your SWFL go to real estate agent.   I pay 30% as well.

Step #3

Call them a few days later. Explain that you met them at the event and appreciated meeting. Ask them if it would be OK to send them valuable information about your local market as well as HOT picks that you personally analyze.

I would say almost every agent you talk to will be receptive.  Also, encourage them to send info on their local market and cross-market with each other.  Maybe even link share on your personal website.

Step #4

Mail them a handwritten card and include 2 more business card. Write something along the following. “It was a pleasure to meet up at the event last weekend. As mentioned on the phone I will start emailing you some valuable unbranded info that you can forward on to your database. I look forward to working future referrals with you!”

Step #5

Be sure to do exactly what you said you’re going to do.

Local Realtor Meet Up’s In Neighboring Counties

How do I get referrals from other real estate agentsIn our local county, there are plenty of real estate agent networking events going on. This is good to meet with fellow agents who you do business with. However, are you getting much business and making commission dollars directly from it? Unlikely.

So, get on Social Media or call neighboring real estate boards of Realtor events and even classes you can attend. Go to these events and do exactly what was explained above.

You will want to work smarter not harder.  In our local market, I traditionally worked Lee and Collier County which is a fairly large territory. North of us is Charlotte County.  The other coast is Broward. If I had customers for those areas I would refer out as it would take 1-2 hour drive time each way.  So why not become that referral agent?

Be the relocation referral agent

Look… People come to our state all the time. Many times looking for a second home, vacation home or even a new start. They don’t necessarily know exactly where in Florida they want to reside. So if someone is looking in 3-6 counties, then it may make sense to refer out.

Real estate agents in your neighboring counties likely face this time and time again and ultimately “lose” the customer.  It is better they explain they have incredible real estate agents in those areas that they can refer them to.

Use the web to network with other real estate agents

Just Google “Realtor Referral” or “Real Estate Agent Referral” – There are plenty of websites that you can join and sign up for FREE on.  Also get on all the Social Media Platforms and Join Groups.  But don’t stop there!

On the Web, Be Active, Not Passive

This could be the ideal position for a virtual assistant (VA).  Give admin access and have your VA reach out on your platforms to other real estate agents. Have them send pre-scripted messages written by you.

Also and more importantly, you will want them scouring these sites for opportunity. Go ahead and pull up a referral group on Facebook right now. You will see countless Realtors post messages like “Urgent! Need experienced Realtor in Cincinnati – $300,000. PM Me”

Once you get this “Referral Lead” do the following steps immediately.

Step #1

Have your VA send a private message to them right away! Early bird gets the worm and there usually will be a lot of competition depending on your market. So send the message FAST!

Step #2

Have your VA research the agent online and get their cell number. If they are a real estate agent they will be online somewhere. Many cases their phone number will not be on Social Media. Have the VA find it ASAP and email you a screenshot of the referral ad and their cell number.

Step #3

Call the Referring Realtor right away! I estimate less than 5% of Realtors will do this. This will set you apart from the competition and will give you the upper hand in securing the deal.

If the agent has already chosen an agent and started the process, thank them for their time and repeat the steps above. It doesn’t mean they will not use you in the future.

Step #4

Train Your VA with more responsibilities

  1. Have your VA to also call on your behalf depending on how busy you are.
  2. Have them scour the web for more Realtor referral networking platforms.
  3. Have them scour the web and make calls on your behalf to find local networking events for you to attend.

You are creating a machine. Once you have this machine oiled up and running smooth, you simply create another machine (profit center). Build your real estate business as if you were going to sell it one day (And one day you can!!).

Keep Your Real Estate Referral Network Growing

A fantastic read is Get More Referrals NOW! Referrals from real estate agents is just one niche target market. However, this same skill set should be applied to your Sphere Of Influence to build your business.

Remember, referrals are the best “leads” you can get.  Why?  Majority of the time, the people trust the source and ultimately will trust you.  Making these leads loyal and essentially a sure thing so as long as you serve them right.

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