Financial Freedom


What Is Financial Freedom

Financial freedom is very simple.  It is when your assets pay for your liabilities.

Financial Freedom Breakdown

For example, let’s say it costs you $3,500 a month to live:

  • $1500 (Mortgage, Taxes, Insurance, Utility Bills, Etc)
  • $500 (Food)
  • $500 (Gas)
  • $500 (Insurances, Etc)
  • $500 (Other)

Now most people have to “work” in order to pay these bills (their personal overhead).  Financial freedom is figuring a way to have passive income to cover these bills without working.

What Is Passive Income

An easy example would be a duplex.  Let’s say you bought two duplexes (4 total units).  And over a 10 year period you got aggressive and paid off both mortgages on these two duplexes.

Now after all maintenance, management and all property costs, this property nets you $1,000 per door!

That is $4,000 a month passively coming into your bank account every month which covers your $3,500 personal expenses.  You now are technically “financially free.”

Why Would Someone Want To Learn About Financial Freedom

Well…  I can tell you there are a handful of reasons.  My top 3.

  • Time.  Once you achieve financial freedom, you have the time to do virtually anything you want to do.  You can spend this time building up more assets.  You can spend this time on passion projects.  You can spend this time with family and friends.  You can spend this time traveling.  You can spend this time in retirement.  The list is endless on what you can do with time that isn’t spend in a 9-5 job.
  • Less Stress.  The number one killer is stress.  Stress also destroys relationships.  How many divorces are caused by stress of money (or lack of it).  Financial freedom will make you a nicer person and will reflect with your kids, family and friends.
  • Clarity.  I can tell you once I personally achieved financial freedom and I had the time to think without distraction, it became a snowball effect on things.  Real estate deals became easier with little effort as I wasn’t “trying” as hard to make a commission check.  I read more which expanded my creative thoughts in turned created more opportunity and other businesses.  And, I’ve been more attracted to the quality of life all together.

Financial Freedom Course (Click Below)

I believe many people want to be “rich.”  But what does this really mean?

I personally want to be happy.  I do not need millions in the bank to be happy.

I figured out several years ago that my true happiness came from having the FREE time to really do what I want to do and not be dictated by any boss or real estate client for that matter.

This course is designed to give a road map toward financial freedom and also to make you think about your true happiness.

Think about it..  What would life be like if you didn’t have to go into work?  Dictated by a boss.  Or if you are self employed, have the ability to become more selective in who you chose to work with?  Or not have to work with for that matter…

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