21 Tips To Prepare A Creative Real Estate Agent Resume

21 Tips To Prepare A Creative Real Estate Agent Resume

When choosing to go on a search for a real estate brokerage to work with, it is important to have a good real estate agent resume and a plan in place.  

The traditional resumes are a dinosaur of the past…  Below you will find 21 tips in creating a real estate agent resume and going on your journey in finding a real estate brokerage to work with.  

Let’s dive in!

#1 – Video Intro Resume

Real estate agents who put themselves out there win.  Those who use video have even more success.

Consider creating a short video that you can use for each of the brokers/managers who you are interviewing with.  

real estate agent resumeEmail them the link with a 45-second clip a day or two prior to meeting with them.  Introduce yourself and quickly explain why you got your real estate license / and or changing brokerages.  

Or simply explain your excitement to meet with them and begin your new journey with a new real estate brokerage.  

#2 – Sell Yourself

You got your real estate license because you will be selling real estate right?  With or without a real estate resume, you are your own resume.  First impressions are everything.

So be prepared for the face to face and the interview questions that they will have.  Also, be sure to have your own list. Get it HERE free.  

When I interview real estate agents, I use their resume to ask additional questions off of their work history, personal experiences, etc.  

Just be prepared to speak on it.   Great book below by Dan Clay on writing the perfect resume…  

#3 – Format For Easy Reading

Real estate brokers and managers are busy.  Think of your real estate resume as a quick guide/insight into you.  The easier it is to read the better.  Space things out.  Use headlines.   And bold important items.

Look at this article you are reading.  Big headlines. Short paragraphs. Spaced out.  Easy to read.

#4 – Keep Certain Items Off Your Real Estate Resume

We want to talk about the most important items that contribute (or will contribute) to your success as a real estate agent.  Be sure your real estate resume leaves off items that really will have no relevance.

It probably isn’t too important where you went to elementary school.  

If you have a lot of achievements choose the main ones to focus in on.  Then create a headline “Other Achievements Worth Mentioning.” Then just list them out in a sentence format.  

#5 – Highlight Major Accomplishments

What are things you have done in the work environment that you were proud of or got praised or rewarded?  Or even didn’t get praise for the things you accomplished.

Not everything is about sales.  Many more items come into play such as giving, discipline, time management, leadership and growth.  

#6 – Limited Experience / Sales Experience

Don’t sweat it.  Dig deep. There had to have been times where you achieved things in your life.  And family event can be added to your real estate resume.  

#7 – Add Life Events

Don’t think that everything on your resume has to be related to just work history.  What else have you done that is impressive and showed skill or discipline?

Like…  Completed a marathon.  Took in foster kids. Or walked 3.5 miles on a broken foot after a hike out of the forest.  Or saved someone’s life after running into a burning house.

Whatever it may be…  Shine on your real estate resume!  

#8 – Character

Consider putting a Character Headline.  What is your character like? Do you have stories to back up your ethical and moral code?  Can you give a good story of honesty in one or two lines to add to your real estate resume?

** If you feel a story will be too long, just put something like the following.

Character Story – I could have doubled my real estate commission on this one deal but couldn’t morally do it.  Feel free to ask about it.

As a real estate broker, I want to know ALL facets of this person coming into our organization and if they are a right fit.  I think many real estate brokers will appreciate this type of openness.

#9 – What Are Your Skills?

The more a broker knows about you the more chances of a potential partnership and even immediate guidance.

For example.  I had an interview with a real estate agent whose previous employment was as a nurse.  She is incredible and has been with us for years.

Her number 1 skill is that of a “caretaker.”  Makes sense right? I immediately in the real estate interview knew exactly what her main focus needed to be.  

Sphere Of Influence!  Many caretakers know the importance of lasting relations.  So she went after the people she knew right away. To this day, majority of her transactions come from referrals.   

Other skills to recognize on your real estate resume:  Communication, Self Motivation, Time Management, Ability to Work Under Stress / Pressure, Leadership, Creativity, Adaptation and Conflict Resolution.

#10 – References

Adding references to your real estate resume is not a bad idea.  It gives the broker the option to dig deeper on you, your character, work ethic etc.

Just be sure you have permission from those who you wish to reference.

Also, consider listing names of references especially those who are in high positions or well known.  Then add “contact information available upon request.”

#11 – Educational Achievements

No need to sweat if you don’t have a college degree.  These days many brokerages as well as big companies don’t necessary look for talent from colleges.  

I encourage our agents to attend education events through real estate coaching organizations and of course subscribe to my YouTube Channel –  SteveInvests

Even check out the 10X Boot Camp by GC below.  

10X Business Bootcamp


#12 – Do You Give Back

List any charities you are involved in or past involvement.  Side tip – Get involved!  Charitable organizations are a fantastic to network and meet new people!  

#13 – Personal Note Card

Consider creating a short personalized note card.  I would hand write this and put it into an envelope and give it to the interviewer upon your departure.  

It just shows you are going to go above and beyond with the little things that will separate you from the other agents who fail out.  

“Thank you, John, for meeting with me today.  This is a huge step in my career and life. I appreciate your time today.  Respectfully, Steve.”

#14 – What Do You Want

I would explain what you want within a new brokerage in a few lines directly on your real estate resume.  This way, the broker will (hopefully) cut to the chase to address whether or not they can provide what you are looking for.

If you are a new agent, explain that as well as your desire for training / mentorship, etc.  

This can be on a letterhead format or on the resume itself. 

#15 – Proofread

resume realtorConsider giving your resume to friends or family members to proofread.  I know as I write these articles on this site there will be some grammatical errors and misspellings.  

But this is to get the information to you in a timely manner as we keep adding more content and resources.

Your real estate resume is a little different.  It needs to be read several times. The analytical broker will pick on this and may subconsciously think negligence.  Further, they may think you will be negligent on drafting real estate contracts, etc.  

No matter how much they liked you, they may feel you are a liability to their organization due to errors on your resume.  

#16 – Time

Take your time.  The worst thing you can do is leave off something so important about you.

Choosing a real estate brokerage is an extremely important part of this process.  It can make or break you. So, take your time on creating your resume.  

#17 – Ask For Help

Ask your friends and family members the following three questions:

  • Has there ever been a time where you saw me / my character shine?  Do you have a story?
  • Do you recall any major accomplishments that come to mind (in or out of work?)
  • What would you say is my biggest strength and why?  Do you have a story to back it up?

Obviously, these are kind of personal.  So you want to get friends / family who care enough to participate.

This, in turn, can lead to more ideas for your real estate agent resume.  

#18 – Legible

I’ve seen too many real estate resumes that are in printed cursive or font size 7.  Just make sure it is clean and legible. If you have to go on to a couple pages then do so.  

#19 – To The Point

If you are on page 5 you are going way too far.  Keep things to the point. I wouldn’t exceed 2 pages.  

Again if there is a good story behind it and worth talking about it, just type “Feel free to ask details on this one.”

#20 – Leave Ego At The Door

In relation to “Feel free to ask details on this one”  I’m not talking about stories where it is a brag fest. More of just sentimental stories that were really meaningful to you.

I’ve had several interviews with real estate agents who were top performers where we just didn’t offer a position due to ego.  I could tell right away the person I was dealing with and I had no interest in that type of person in our company.

#21 – Proactive

Get your resume in the hands of the broker well in advance to your meeting.  Hopefully (Preferably) they have read through it and checked you out.

This will be ideal to be emailed with the video suggested above.  

To Conclude

Keep in mind this is a two-way interview.  You are selling yourself but at the same time, they should be selling their brokerage on what they can do for you in order to be a huge success.

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