Real Estate Courses

Online real estate courses are a very efficient and cost effective way to educate yourself in a timely manner.  Below are some pro’s and con’s of online courses.

Cons Of Online Courses

  • Self Discipline – It takes a certain level of self discipline to process through an online course.  A simple and effective way to defeat complacency and ultimately power through the material is to schedule (with no distractions) exact dates / times you will be sitting down with your course.  Turn off your cell phone, email, etc.  Go to a place where no one will distract you.
  • No Physical Class – Not having actual classmates to converse with or an actual professor can be tough.  However, in our classes, we have complete online interaction for questions and answers from other classmates and your instructor.

Pros Of Online Courses

  • Cost Effective – We have created these classes to be so affordable that it is likely you may take a handful of them.  The value add is once we create them, they become available to the masses.  If I had to teach these classes with the same material every day, each student would have to pay 4-6X the amount of what the online course is offered at.
  • Immediate – Our online courses are available as soon as you sign up.  Yes the user friendly platform allows you to sign up and begin your schooling right away.  I personally do not like waiting.  So to have information at your fingertips like this is a huge plus!
  • Variety – I am a big believer in FOCUS in on one or two niches in real estate.  Due to pricing so low, you may consider taking a few courses to really find out which niche is the best for you.  I have spent tens of thousands of dollars personally on online courses, physical events and classes.  I can tell you, with the right instructor and content, you have make hundreds of thousands of dollars off of one small course in a timely manner.

My Online Course Mission

I have been a licensed REALTOR since 2002 and a licensed Broker since 2006.  I have made so many mistakes.  So many mistakes that could have been avoided.  And this is why I created this entire website, my YouTube Channel and these courses below.

My goal over the next few years is to provide proven and effective “niche” real estate courses in order for real estate professionals to FOCUS in on and thrive!

I am a huge believer that a strong FOCUS, a desire to succeed and implementation of any of these courses is the recipe for success.

Please come back and check in time to time to see what new and very affordable real estate investment courses are available.  Below are some of the niche real estate courses we offer.  Click below to get complete details.

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