Real Estate Courses

Real Estate Bubbles

That last real estate recession took many of us by surprise, including me. Personally, I was completely unaware of really what was taking place behind the scenes to create a massive bubble in 2008.

Thereafter, selling our real estate brokerage in 2018, I created this website, my YouTube Channel and these niche courses below to thrive in a down and flat real estate market. Now, after our government and the FED manipulated rates, stimulus, quantitative easing and other factors, we are once again in a situation of a global debt bubble with recessionary periods ahead that will have a large effect on real estate.

Real Estate Agents Need To Prepare

Real estate agents need to adapt to market conditions. And many real estate agents haven’t seen nor been in business during a decline in real estate. Well…. It’s coming. Personally I believe real estate was beginning to flatten and decline in 2019 before the pandemic. Thus why I was creating these courses below to ensure agents could prepare. Well, things not only got delayed, but I think the problems in real estate will be magnified.

Below are some of the niche real estate courses we offer.  The best option is our Bundled Option that includes Property Management, BPO’s, Short Sales, REO’s and a bonus on Financial Freedom. Click each picture below to get complete details.

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