Can Real Estate Agents Work From Home

Can Real Estate Agents Work From Home

Yes! The question is…  Is it a good idea to work from home as a real estate agent?  Let us weigh out the pros and cons of working from home.  It is a question you must answer for yourself.  What works for you?

Work from home as a real estate agent

To do or not to do! Hmmm. Before making this decision, there are some factors to consider:

  •   What are the advantages of working from home as a real estate agent?
  •   What are the disadvantages?
  •   Is the timing right?
  •   Does your personality line up with this choice?
  •   What will it take to be successful?
  •   What will it take to maintain your success by working from home?
  •   What can you do if reverse a downward turn?

Advantages of working from home as a Realtor 

  1. Freedom to work how, when, and where you want to at home.  Even in on your back porch!  
  2. You directly reap the rewards of your hard work.
  3. Saving money on gas, eating out, clothes etc.
  4. Flexibility to set the tone for your work day.
  5. Project management on your schedule.
  6. More time with family.
  7. Socializing when you choose.
  8. No limitations on your success except the ones you set.
  9. Telecommunications keeps you connected and informed.

Can a real estate agent work from home despite the disadvantages

Yes, but planning and preparedness are crucial to avoiding pitfalls and knowing how to deal with them once they occur.

What are some of the potential disadvantages?

  1. Too much freedom is not good if you have no discipline as a Realtor working from home.  
  2. If you are just starting out, you may need a 9 – 5. It doesn’t  have to be permanent of course.
  3. No sales—–no paycheck. Pretty straightforward.
  4. Distractions can derail you and make you less productive.
  5. Isolation could be a problem, especially if collaboration with colleagues keeps you motivated.
  6. All of the expenses of running the business are on you, including healthcare, supplies, etc.
  7. If you tend to give up easily, or have a tough time working toward goals you may not be able to see it through the tough or slow times.
  8. If you struggle with technology. You will have to pay someone to teach you or do it all for you which is another expense.

Can a real estate agent work from home and be successful

Yes, of course. Real estate is no different than any other profession. This is a personal choice and it is up to the person to determine what their goals are and how to achieve them.

What does it take to maintain your success

The good news is, even if you don’t know the answer to that question, there is plenty of help, information, resources like this blog to assist Realtors who wish to work from home.  

There are day-to-day task pertaining to real estate businesses, especially if it is a work from home situation that must be done to build and maintain your momentum.

  •   Cold calling to generate leads if you need to.
  •   Showing properties.
  •   Meeting clients.
  •   Drawing up contracts.
  •   Drafting leases
  •   Document submission/filing
  •   Creating and updating listings on the MLS
  •   Compiling records
  •   Data entry
  •   Scheduling
  •   Ordering supplies
  •   Business mailings
  •   Budgeting
  •   Responding to emails and phone calls

How can you turn a failing work at home situation around

It’s never too late. Do not let fear of failure stop you.

Just prepare a discipled work schedule while you are at home while keeping the following in mind: 

  1. Prospect
  2. Follow-up
  3. Don’t let rejection deter you.
  4. Have the skin of a rhino (no joke)
  5. Don’t be afraid of a little competition. It will sharpen your skills.
  6. If you do not get the listing, ask why so you can learn.
  7. Don’t choose comfort over success.
  8. Make it a priority to work well with others.
  9. Do not be shortsighted. You have to see beyond what is happening now.
  10. Minimize your expenses by working from home and stay focused on what is important.

It is imperative that you know yourself and your shortcomings in order to work at home as a real estate agent

Start by asking yourself the hard questions when things do get tough.

  •   What motivates you?
  •   What scares you?
  •   How did you get where you are?
  •   What can you do differently?
  •   Are you cut out for this?
  •   Are you willing to work harder? Smarter?
  •   Do you learn from your mistakes or wallow in them?

Your level of determination to keep getting back up, even when it looks impossible dictates what happens from this point. There are going to be challenges. That’s life. Prepare for them as best you can.

Seek out guidance and advice from those more experienced than you. That old cliché statement, the only dumb question is the one not asked holds true.

If you cannot be objective, get an experienced mentor who has been where you are trying to go. Someone who will be straightforward with you. This is not the time to be sensitive.

There are a number of paths to a destination. Find yours and go!

To Your Success!!

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