broker price opinions


Broker Price Opinions | BPO’s

Broker Price Opinions are a necessity in the real estate world.

BPO’s are usually assigned and paid to real estate agents and brokers to perform an evaluation.

Banks and lending institutions hire real estate agents to perform the Broker Price Opinion (BPO) becuase they know they will get an accurate property valuation at a discounted price. As opposed to a real estate appraisal.

More than ever, solid agents are in demand to perform broker price opinions for lending institutions due to an uptick in pre-foreclosures, foreclosures and short sales.

Do You Want To Be A BPO PRO?

The course below is designed to give you everything needed to become a pro in performing Broker Price Opinions.

From the background, the BPO process and how to get them. Broker Price Opinions can pay out $40 to over $300 depending on the property type and scope of work (IE – Interior BPO vs Exterior BPO).

Click below to get more details on this affordable course!

broker price opinions
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