Benefits Of Listing Foreclosures

Assuming you put forth the efforts and techniques in the course below you might have the ability to list dozens and even several hundreds of Foreclosures and then some…  

Some benefits you will recognize as an REO Foreclosure listing agent:

  • REO agents, longer have to spend time with traditional sellers and countless hours in listing presentations that you may or may not get.  
  • Foreclosure listing agents no longer have to do open houses, mailers, cold calling and all other traditional real estate tactics to drum up business.  
  • REO Listing Agents no longer have to put people in your car and drive around all day looking at property they “might” buy.
  • The REO listings are predictable and in almost all cases sell.  I only had one REO listing that didn’t sell in Fiddler’s Creek near Marco Island.  That institution that owned it didn’t listen to any advice and eventually the asset management ended their relationship with that institution.  We had that REO listing on the market for over a year!
  • REO Agents have the ability to create and leverage a team.  When you have competitively priced distressed REO assets listed you will get calls directly from prospective buyers.  You can create a team of buyer’s agents working these leads and share with you in commission sales if they sell them something.  Could even be 50/50 split if you are providing them enough business.  IE – They sell them something for $300k.  $9k commission.  $4500 to you.  Not bad for just referring. 
  • Ability to add REO investors to your database and sell them other investments.  Stay in front of them.  Possibly they even might relist with you.
  • Ability to grow your BPO team for more residual revenue and more potential REO listings with other companies. 
  • Listing REO’s allows open house opportunities for your team to generate more buyer / seller leads.   
  • Listing breed listings.  You have the ability to get more listings in the area you listed the REO Foreclosure.  You can do this by door knocking with the Just listed script, Send Just Listed / Sold Mailers, etc. 

As you can see there are many benefits in listing REO properties as well as indirect business that can be leveraged and built from it.

If you want to list REO Foreclosures, check out the course below.

List REO Foreclosures

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