6 Extremely Effective Real Estate Agent Prospecting Ideas

6 Extremely Effective Real Estate Agent Prospecting Ideas


Below you will find some extremely effective real estate agent prospecting ideas that we personally use time and time again to drastically increase real estate sales.


The key is to stick with one or two of these Realtor prospecting ideas and become the expert in that area.  


Terminated Listings


Many times people will terminate a listing with their Realtor.  There are a variety of reasons why someone would do this.


Many times they simply dislike their real estate agent.  Or they feel the agent isn’t doing enough to get their home sold.  


This is an opportune time to either cold call or door knock this target market.  


A simple script:  Good afternoon.  My name is Steve with Maxim Realtors.  I came across your property on our local MLS and it is showing you terminated the listing.  If you were to get a fair price for your home, would you still consider selling it?


This is a great way to prequalify the seller right away.  They may have no desire to sell the property any longer. An example would be they are no longer getting a divorce.  Or didn’t get the job transfer.


If this is the case, move on.  However, if they would consider a fair offer, then try to close.  


Well fantastic!  I’d like to preview your home.  Is today at 5 good or would tomorrow at 7 be better?


Most real estate agents will never prospect a terminated listing.  So there is limited odds of them getting upset with a bunch of phone calls.


And this is BIG for you.  Because you will likely be the only one doing it in your local market.  


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Dusty Expireds


Cold calling expired listings can be very competitive depending on your market.  However, keep in mind these agents are few and far.


When we prospected for these listings we only had about 10-15 competitors.  **Out of thousands of real estate agents.


prospecting idea for real estate agentsSo what are dusty expireds?  These are expired listings that are older.  Most agents who prospect for expired listings will only call on recent expireds.


Here is your opportunity!  Call expireds that are 4 months or older.  They have already had the phone calls from agents in the beginning when it expired.  But four months out, NO ONE is calling them.


They tend to be more receptive.  Simply use the script above and go at it! Keep in mind to scrub your list.  Meaning ensure it is not already relisted. You never want to prospect an active listing as it is unethical and poor business practices.


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Absentee Owners


These are owners who do not live in the property.  These owners may have this property as a vacation / second home or as an investment.  


These calls tend to be more warm and essentially have zero competition.


Simple script to use:


Good afternoon.  My name is Steve with Maxim Realtors.  I see you own a property on 123 Maple street.  This area is lacking inventory and we are seeking prospective owners who may have interest in selling their other property.  Is this something of interest to you?


Many times this real estate agent prospecting technique will lead to really good conversations.  The key is to ask questions and listen intently. Maybe they are in the market to buy more real estate instead of selling?  


Muli-Family / Income Properties


These are my favorites.  Why? Because they are straight investments.  You not only find really good investors to work with for the long term but you will also find what we call “The Angry Landlord.”


These are new investors who thought it would be great to buy a 4 plex only to realize they hated being a landlord.  They owned it for a year or two and are just over it.


Your prospecting phone call is their “sign” to go ahead and unload it.  


Good afternoon.  My name is Steve with Maxim Realtors.  I see you own a 4plex on 123 Maple street.  I was reaching out as multifamily inventory is on a decline and we are seeking out owners who may have interest in selling.  Is this something of interest?


You usually will get one of two responses.


#1 – Well maybe, what do you think it is worth?  **This is where you salesmanship comes in play.  You have to close now. Get them to show you the property and get a face to face.  


Property values can vary depending on the condition as well as cash flow.  When would be a good time for us to meet? Is tomorrow at 2 good or Friday at 5 better?  


#2 – No, I’m good…  ** This is where you flip the script from listing to help them build their portfolio.  


Well, it sounds like this has been a great investment for you.  Were you interested in adding more to your portfolio?


Remember.  Sales is all about helping others.  So why would you not shift positions when you have a live one on the phone?  


Another thing to keep in mind.  The savvy real estate investor isn’t emotional about the purchase.  It is all about the numbers. Again this is my favorite market for any real estate agent to prospect to.  


For Rent Signs / Ads


For rent by owner (FRBO) is comparable to the above.  However, getting phone numbers is extremely easy!


prospecting ideas realtorsWhen calling them, they maybe The Angry Landlord who hates being a landlord.  ESPECIALLY if the property has been sitting vacant longer than a couple of months.  They maybe losing serious money as well if they have a mortgage.


You have 3 strategies to make money:


#1 – See if there is any interest in just selling the property.


#2 – If they do not want to sell, are they interested in buying more?


#3 – See if they would allow you to lease the property on their behalf.  Check out this must-read article on how my sister and I build a six-figure business on leasing.  <<<Click HERE>>>

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Bought Low.  Sell High.


This prospective target market for real estate agents can lead to big sales!  These are people who have equity in their properties and looking to cash out.


For example.  When the real estate market crashed in 2008, I personally was selling short sale single family homes virtually brand new to investors.  These homes were going for $50-$75k in Cape Coral. These same homes today in 2018 are worth over $200k.


They will be able to cash out some serious coin especially right now as our market is at an all-time high and starting to shift.  


Now, these are investors in most cases.  They will also on the flip side want to park that money somewhere else.  So what’s better than using a 1031 Exchange and assisting them to purchase their next investment.


Maybe they sell a few single-family homes and get into an apartment complex.  Not familiar with 1031 exchanges? Check out our in-depth article <<HERE>>


To Conclude


Prospecting as a real estate agent is no easy task.  It is imperative to choose a niche to go after and become the best possible with your sales scripts and objection handlers.


Getting great at your scripts is key to success.  There will really not be any objection you cannot handle.  


I encourage you to write out all your scripts.  Put them on your wall when making calls. Rehearse and practice them 15-30 minutes every morning.  Jump on the phones for no less than 2 hours a day.


Just think where your real estate business will blossom to due to your prospecting efforts.  This schedule above you will likely get at least one listing a week.


You are in control of your own destiny.  And remember… 

Need phone numbers? FSBO’s, Expired Listings, For Rent By Owners, 

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