52 Niche Markets for New Real Estate Agents

52 Niche Markets for New Real Estate Agents

Top 12 niche market for new real estate agents:

  1. Sphere of Influence
  2. FSBO (For Sale By Owners)
  3. Expired Listings
  4. Rentals (Landlords)
  5. Short Sale Listings
  6. BPO Assignments (Video Course)
  7. Foreclosure Listings
  8. Open House
  9. SRES (Senior Real Estate Specialist)
  10. Lease Option To Purchase
  11. First Time Home Buyers
  12. Investors (Income Property)

So many new real estate agents think they have to sell everything and be everywhere all the time.  This simply is a bad use of your time. It is imperative to put the time into your niche target market and you will be a huge success!  

Focus On A Niche Real Estate Market That Interests You

Sell what you will enjoy selling!  This is imperative to a lucrative career in real estate.  

The niche target markets for real estate agents are so diverse and there are so many to choose from.   Choose wisely where you will be spending your time as a real estate agent prospecting for business.  

Become the Expert in your Niche Real Estate Market

In another article, I wrote about Expertise and its importance.  This is vital. Don’t just become “good” at a handful of things.  Become the top dog on one or two of your real estate niche markets!  And as a new real estate agent you can do it fairly fast if you put the time in.  You will make so much more money, become that much more confident and if you choose right, will truly enjoy what you do.

Your Real Estate Niche Market Isn’t Going Anywhere.

Before diving head first, review all the real estate niche target markets below.  I encourage you to print them up from this article and begin circling which ones interest you the most.  Take notes, do additional research and rate them accordingly best to least. Maybe choose a total of 7 and then narrow down from there to 2-3 of your top real estate niche markets. 

Once you have your list, I suggest working one at a time until you really perfect your system.  Once the machine is in working order you can add on another niche market especially if / when you begin building your team as mentioned in How To Build A Team In Your First 12 Months.  

What are the 52 Niche Target Markets For New Real Estate Agents?

niche market real estate agent

**Note – Some of these real estate niche markets are not going to be relevant in the area where you reside.  

** Also, use the search button on the main page for what categories interests you.  Our goal is to add an actual step by step plan of actions for many real estate niche market listed below.  

We will try to add additional direct links below as time progresses.

  1. Sphere Of Influence.  This is THE one real estate niche market that you HAVE to keep in your plan.  And from the beginning.  This is the #1 market that you need to work on right away. Be sure to check out our article on this below for detailed instructions to make a 10% return on this market.  ** Important – Do not move to your next real estate niche market until you have this machine in order.  Full Details Build Your Real Estate Agent Sphere Of Influence
  2. Open House Expert – This is the agent who will have branded open house signs all over select areas where they hold houses open.  They will attract both buyers and even sellers if they are consistent. Sometimes holding 2 different open houses in one day (IE – 9-1; 2-6).  The intention is to scale and build a team and have multiple homes open the same day.  Check out out in-depth article on our Open House – 21 Day Guide.  
  3. 55+ / Senior Living – This is the agent who will well research all senior living communities in their area.  What options are available, type of active lifestyles, costs, rules / regulations, generation needs, etc. If this is your real estate niche market, then consider going for your SRES designation.  
  4. Just Listed – This agent will take an active approach knocking doors and letting the neighborhood know they have a new office listing in their area.  Best to choose an office where they have a lot of inventory and the Broker / Agents will allow for it.  Call neighborhoods using RedEx.  Get the $150 initial fee waived using THIS LINK.
  5. Web Lead Generation – A great real estate niche target market for the more tech savvy real estate agent who is developing 52 niche markets real estate agentsuseful content, community pages and unique search pages on their site regularly in order to drive business their way.  Similar to our site pictured here.  MyBeachBrokers – You can grow your team by hiring agents to service all of the leads and collect 50% commission while you spend your time on growing the site / lead gen.
  6. Social Media Campaigns – Maybe hand in hand with above.  Create content and creative ads and videos to attract a following. 
  7. Just Sold – Goes hand in hand with Just Listed.  Likely want to combo these up. This is extremely effective as long as you practice your dialogue.  Call neighborhoods using RedEx.  Get the $150 initial fee waived using THIS LINK.
  8. Waterfront Expert – This real estate niche target market is for the agent who loves the water.  They know the water ways especially if navigable to the Ocean.  Maybe this agent even has a boat and shows real estate by boat.  Likely knows a lot about the tides, fishing, channels, waterways and types of boats.
  9. Beach Expert – This is the agent who loves the beach and beach lifestyle that it offers.  Knows a lot about the tides, water sports, etc.  We are the “Beach Brokers” in SWFL.  Keep us in mind for South Florida Referrals : )
  10. For Sale By Owners – People who think they can sell their homes without an agent.  Statistically those who do, lose more money than if they listed with an agent on the open market.  A gold mine if cold called or door knocked on a regular basis.  This real estate niche market is one of the most lucrative.  Call FSBO Phone #’s using RedEx.  Get the $150 initial fee waived using THIS LINK.
  11. Golf Course Expert – Likely an agent who already resides on a golf course or plays a lot.  Knows many courses in their area and truly loves the game. Knows the courses well including the level of expertise, terrain etc.  
  12. Manufactured Home – The agent who know Mobile Home, Modular Home and Manufactured Homes.  Likely well educated on the costs of these vs traditional housing. Usually a lower end market but probably high volume.  May go hand in hand with 55+ and SRES.  
  13. Expired Listings – This real estate agent niche market is a gold mine if cold called or door knocked.  When a listing agent failed to sell the home and the contract ran out.  Need to understand the objections that they have. Many cases the seller is upset their home didn’t sell and their agent lacked communication with them.  Call Expired using RedEx.  Get the $150 initial fee waived using THIS LINK.
  14. First Time Home Buyers – A great opportunity to educate people buying their first home.  Many will need help with financing options as well and in many cases with little money down.  
  15. Lease Options – A creative twist for buyers who have poor credit, not much money down or just trying out an area but want the option to buy.  There are actually companies out there like Home Partners of America that will actually purchase the home for the lease option client and the real estate agent gets paid up front on the sales commission.    
  16. Military Veterans or Active Duty – Thank you for all you Veterans and Active Duty that protect us and our country.  A great market to help our heroes. There are many competitive finance options as well that you can join with mortgage brokers and jointly market.  
  17. Doctors – Many relocate depending on the areas of choice.  There are also competitive finance options with no money down as they are considered a low risk borrower.  Doctors usually buy high end and are a great niche market for real estate agents.   They also tend to invest in income property thus adding sales (long term client).
  18. Investors For Income Property – Ahhh, I love this option.  Is wall street doing much justice for passive investors?  I have seen a lot of people lose millions in the stock market.  Talk to anyone with some money and ask if they have interest in making an 8% return on their money.  Go find the deals for them. You make them money, they continue to buy and sell. You do not need many investors to keep this niche market rolling in dough.  
  19. Existing Landlords – Market to existing landlords.  They have invested in income property and may want more.  Further you can create a rental division servicing these investors where they are hands off.  Collecting consistent monthly revenue.  Full Details:  How To Start A Real Estate Property Management  Call For Rent By Owners using RedEx.  Get the $150 initial fee waived using THIS LINK.
  20. Divorce / Divorce Attorneys – Oh boy…  If you have done through one of these, then maybe this is for you.  Divorces many times result in splitting assets and selling real estate.  A big target market but many times headaches. Divorces are public record in your local city / county.  Maybe ideal to get certain certifications on this as well to become top dog of your niche market.  
  21. Service People – Teachers, Firefighters, Nurses, EMT – Let’s take Firefighters for example.  Do you knwo how much downtime they have at their stations? Go and talk with them.  See if they want to buy investments, etc. Teachers / EMT you could run a special where you give back $1,000 toward closing costs from your commission (If your state allows for it and fully disclosed by all parties).  
  22. Real Estate Seminars – The list is endless.  You can do these for many on this list like first time home buyers and investors.  Advertise on bandit signs, social media, etc.  Don’t worry about being a new real estate agent and “teaching.”  You can always team up with a professional like a mortgage broker for first time home buyers.  They can do most of the talking and you can introduce, conclude and gather contact info / set private appointments.  
  23. Probate – All recorded in the courts as well like Divorces. A very sad time for the families.  But a must as many families do not want to hold on to the assets. Proceeds usually go to multiple heirs and many times they all want to cash out.  This niche market will need very diplomatic and non emotional real estate agents to handle these transactions.  
  24. Business to Business – Walk into all businesses in your area.  Ask if you can market inside their establishment (biz cards, brochures, signs) and you will add them to your website, etc.  Good source for referral but also they may need you real estate services.
  25. Geographic Farming – You can do this via mail or door knocking.  This can take years to develop but once developed can be very lucrative for years to come.  Consider teaming with other local businesses to split costs on your mail campaign.  As a new real estate agent with limited funds, door knocking will be your fastest and cheapest way to start getting listings for your niche market.  You must be out and about meeting with people in your community.  Maybe host a party twice a year at your home.  
  26. Buy and Flip – You find the deals, set some bandit signs up and investors will call you.  Build an email list and campaign with these people and send out each time you come across a “hot pick” with flip potential.  This niche market is ideal for up sell and long term clients for REALTORS.  
  27. Foreclosure Expert – Check out the video above on how to list and sell foreclosures as your real estate niche target market.    
  28. Short Sale Expert – You can go to your local clerk of courts and pull what is called Lis Pendens – A pending lawsuit of a Foreclosure for non-payment.  You can ultimately save them from foreclosure. ** When the market crashed, my sister and I save over 300 people from foreclosure by targeting this group.  We mailed, cold called and door knocked.  We developed the Short Sale Mastery Course.
  29. Move Up Seller – This niche market for real estate agents is targeting sellers who have a growing family or maybe are now taking care of their parents.  Multi-Generational.
  30. Move Down Seller – Example would be the empty nester where the kids all moved out and the house is too big.  
  31. Relocation – Do you have any mid-size to big companies in your area with an HR department?  The HR directors can be big money to refer you people who are new hires in those companies.  This niche market is underrated for real estate agents.  
  32. Lakefront – Similar to the waterfront guy.  Certain lakes offer certain things like restaurants, boat houses, wake boarding, etc.  Get to know the waters and homes on those lakes.
  33. Ski Homes – Likely an avid skier with vast knowledge not just of the homes but also the mountains and slopes.  Offer free ski weekends, etc.  Also, want to be knowledgeable about off season attractions in the area as well.
  34. Luxury Expert – This is up to interpretation.  What are the luxury homes in your area? Also you may niche it further to Luxury Condos, Luxury Waterfront Condos, Luxury Cabins, etc.  Real estate agents need to take on a different level of service dealing in the luxury market.  
  35. Commercial – There is a vast target market for commercial real estate from strip centers, office buildings, apartment complexes, RV resorts, etc.  I used to sell large mobile home communities. Usually, big prices, take longer to close and extensive due diligence with income/expenses.  Check out Loopnet for the commercial real estate listings for sale.
  36. Celebrity / High Profile – A group where you really need to network in the who’s who.  They want to keep their homes a private matter for the when purchasing and even selling. 
  37. Developers – We had exclusive rights for 2 developers in my career so far.  Exciting times. One we had 2 model homes selling single family and the other was a condo conversion.  You can target market developers and general contractors and build this niche market as the new construction specialist. If you get exclusive rights you will stay busy.  However, be prepared to upfront a lot of marketing dollars.
  38. Condo Expert – Every condo complex has different amenities, HOA fees, rules/regulations, views, etc.  Coincides with geographic farm niche market.
  39. Lots and Land – Most times you do not have to be present to show or even list many vacant properties.  But you have to get creative in selling listings especially if it is outside of residential zoning.  The “land man / woman” can create an incredible real estate niche market selling real estate even when out of town.
  40. Cabins – Likely someone living the cabin lifestyle and all it offers.  In tune with the construction of log cabins.  Maybe create YouTube videos and follow the construction of cabins being built.  
  41. Historic Homes – Some areas you will not even be able to tear down and rebuild.  Promoting your education of certain historic homes can go a long way in listing as well as selling these types of niche properties.  I actually bought a house once that was the area’s first restaurant. An open-air BBQ joint. 
  42. Vacation Rental Investment Property – I personally own a handful of these and they are awesome!  I pay my guy 15% to handle everything. And we can use them or blackout dates to use them when we want!  Best of both worlds. Produce a return on capital and use it.  This can be a great niche target market for Realtors who live in vacation / resort style areas with liberal rental policies.  
  43. Tennis Communities – An expert who knows the communities as well as the type of courts, whether they are hard surface, clay, etc.  Also knows if there are wait times, on-site pros, etc.  Tennis as well as Pickleball as very popular sports.  
  44. Boating Club – Knowing what is in the fleets in these communities, fees associated with them, seasonality, etc.  New real estate agents can get into this niche market without ever owning a boat.  Making alliances with local boat clubs may give access to free vessels if you are assisting in selling memberships.  
  45. Airplane hangar homes – Yes these do exist.  We have a couple in the North Fort Myers area.  A neat set up with low stop signs. Likely an agent living this type of lifestyle and fellow pilot.  Maybe you have your pilots license now?  Or are interested in getting one?  The cost isn’t too expensive.  Approx $8-10k depending on the amount of time / pass rate.  
  46. Pet-Friendly Communities – Love pets?  Dogs? Go to the dog parks in your area and give out specialized business cards.  Team up with a local groomer who advertises on your card with a 10% discount. In return, they give your brochure to every person they do business with. This niche market for REALTORS is incredible.  Just look at the studies done.  It is said that people love their pets just as much or more than their own children.  
  47. Farms – Many times farm real estate can stay in the families for generations.  However, large parcel sales can be extremely lucrative in selling real estate.  
  48. Estate homes – This niche target market can go in hand with luxury / high end real estate sales as well.  These are homesteaders who do not enjoy zero lot line real estate.
  49. Mansions – What size is considered a mansion in your area?  This is in many cases who you know. Go network with the families however you can.  A lot of wealthy people are at charity events.  You can also get on a geographic farm campaign as well.  
  50. School Zones –  Many young families most important home buying decision is what schools will their kids go to.  Know the ratings for the schools. What they are strong and weak in.  This niche market is ideal for younger families.
  51. Second Homes – Ideal for the vacation destinations like Florida.  Many people want to live up north in the summer and down south in the winter.  
  52. Equity Investors – These are the investors not necessarily looking to flip but just get a great deal for themselves or for a rental portfolio.  Either way, they will come back time and time again if you get them the right deals.

Find this article helpful?  Please pass along to a fellow agent who may need some guidance as well.  Also, check back frequently as we will break down each of these target markets into individual articles and exactly how to dominate every niche target market in real estate.

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