Real Estate Listing CheckList For REALTORS (FREE PDF)

Real Estate Listing Checklist For Realtors

Below you will find a breakdown of the 2019 Real Estate Listing Checklist exclusively for REALTORS, Real Estate Agents and Real Estate Brokers.

Get your FREE Real Estate Listing Checklist in a PDF HERE.

The Real Estate Listing Checklist is broken down into four categories.  Time Of Listing The Property. On Market. Offer Accepted. Post Closing.  

Also, you will find the FREE PDF of the real estate listing checklist for your use to keep you organized.  

Keep in mind this may vary from state to state, so edit as needed.

Benefits Of A Real Estate Agent Listing Checklist

There are many benefits that real estate agents will have when using this checklist.


When you are listing and selling one real estate listing, this checklist may not be that big of a deal. However, when you start listing and selling many properties at the same time, using a real estate listing check list is imperative.

You will constantly be thinking if certain items are complete. You will spend countless minutes and hours going back through text messages, emails and your file sources to ensure certain tasks were complete or not.

This will save you time, which at the end of the day, is everything.

Reduced Liability

When using the checklist you are less likely to make simple mistakes that can result in big losses for you and your brokerage.

Example would be that you didn’t confirm the HOA fees. The fees recently went up. The buyer’s agent put the fees from MLS that you inputted. Your seller really didn’t review the contract and all parties signed off.

Unfortunately, you may be wrapped up in a lawsuit. This real estate checklist should help reduce your liability for this type of inaccuracy.

Satisfied Parties

Real Estate listing checklists also keep your communication lines on point. Think about it. Good communication is the number one item on the list that will result in happy customers.

Happy customers then do what? Refer other buyers and sellers to you. This system really isn’t difficult. The FREE real estate listing checklist is below to download. Use it.

Use it for every listing you get no exception. Ok… Let’s get into the guts of your Realtor Real Estate Listing Checklist!!

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Time Of Listing The Property

It is imperative when taking a new listing that you really have all the appropriate paperwork together including all disclosures, HOA info, etc.

I have been there too many times. Steve, I am looking to make an offer on your listing and want to confirm… What are the lease restrictions? Condo fees? HOA fees? Pet restrictions?

It shouldn’t take too long to call the Community Association Manager (CAM) to find out all the HOA details. Also, the last thing you want to do is look at a neighboring MLS property and use their details.

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listing checklist
Broker Listing Agreement Signed By All Parties
Broker Listing Agreement Emailed (Executed) Copy To Seller
Seller’s Disclosure Complete
Master HOA Rider Complete & Signed By Seller
Condo HOA Rider Complete & Signed By Seller
FIRPTA (Foreign Sellers)
CDD Rider Complete & Signed By Seller
Create Personal Property / Furniture Addendum & Signed By Seller
Gather ALL HOA / Condo Docs, R&R, Financials & Applications
Call HOA For Details:  Fees, Pet & Lease Restrictions, Sign Restrictions, Special Assessments & Other Pertinent MLS info.  
Add Docs Above To MLS Supplements
Add Additional Pertinent Docs To MLS (Survey, Elevation Cert, Insurance, Etc)
Photos / Video / Aerial Shots (Don’t Be Cheap)
Install Sign
Install Supra Lock Box
Create / Print Home Brochures & Place Inside Home
Create Video
Input Listing In MLS
Add Video To MLS Virtual Tour
Add Listing Into Right Move
Email Seller Draft Email with Links:  MLS, YouTube & RightMove
Confirm listing syndicated on, Zillow and Trulia.

On Market

It’s game time!  You have a listing and now you need to get it to the open market and get prospective buyers, buyer agents and neighbors through this house!  

Below is the next section of the real estate listing check list of some things to get your exposure on your listing. Now, you likely have other marketing techniques. Add / alter as needed.

Create Video on Zillow App & Upload
Email REALTORS via Property Blast
Share Listing On Facebook and LinkedIn
Schedule Initial Open House
Hand Deliver 150-200 Flyers To Immediate Neighbors Inviting Them to OH
Perform Open House
Create And Run Craigslist Ad
Send Mailer
Follow Up Fridays (Market Conditions, Feedback, Price / Condition Suggestions).
Email / Call Realtors In Community Who Sold Or Have Active Listings

Offer Accepted!!

Congratulations!!  Your listing is in contract.  This is where a lot of liability can be prevented.  

“Everything is Great when Everything is Great! Right?! Smooth sailing. You are in contract and proceeding forward. The other agent is great to work with. All is good… Until it isn’t.

You are past the financing contingency period… The buyer is unable to get financing. They try to back out and get their escrow which the seller (your client should be entitled to). However, the buyers never received a copy of the condo documents nor was a receipt of this on record.

Florida law allows a buyer to back out for any reason within 3 days of receiving said docs. The buyer’s attorney brings this to everyone’s attention. You now may not be in the best light with your seller…

**We are not real estate attorneys. Please consult with a real estate attorney in your state to cover all local / state laws and items in this checklist.

The real estate agent listing checklist “In Contract” below will keep you on track and help prevent this type of scenario.

Ensure All Areas / Changed Are Initials For Complete Execution
Ensure All Necessary Addendums and Seller Disclosure Executed
Ensure You Have Acceptable PreApproval / Proof Of Funds
Pending In MLS
Complete The Time Line Sheet
Send Draft Email To Seller Including Time Line Sheet
Send Draft Email To Other Agent, Title & Lender
Ensure Other Agent Has All Appropriate HOA Docs (From MLS Supplements)
Follow Time Line For Deposits / Inspections / Financing / Closing.
Obtain Escrow Receipt (Usually 3 days)
Obtain Condo Doc Receipts (3 days)
Email Seller Draft Email with Inspection Info / Details
Send Commission Paid At Close Form To Broker To Sign
Send Commission Paid At Close Form To Broker To Title Co / Attorney
Ensure Seller Is In Process or Already Moved Out (3 Days Prior to close)

Day Of / Post Closing

It isn’t over yet!  A few more things you need to do before collecting your check and calling it a day!  

This is where we can really become superstars and build our business. How?

Check out this article (link below) and be sure you are staying in front of your Past Clients / Sphere Of Influence.  These people will keep referring you future business due to your impeccable customer service and using this real estate agent listing check list one check at a time.

Remove Sign / Lockbox / Any Other Marketing
Order Closing Gift
Mark SOLD in MLS
Add Seller To COI and Remain In Contact For Referrals
Send Just SOLD Mailer To Community

This real estate listing checklist for real estate agents is essential to staying organized, reducing liability and overall providing fantastic customer service.  Below you have FREE access to this list for your use.

We wish you much luck and fortune in your real estate business. We appreciate all the support on this site and our YouTube channel. So please check out all of our articles. Share this info with your fellow agent and please subscribe to our YouTube Channel!!

As Promised… 

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